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Broadcasting Love

Love has been and will always be the greatest of weapons that mankind can ever possess. I came to realise the profundity of its power, the day I chose to wield its influence on one of my customers at office, wherein I tried to handle an otherwise unwelcome incident in truly the ‘Sai’ way.

Working at a Helpdesk for an Internet company in New Zealand, gives me enough and more opportunities to interact with customers, who call up for help in fixing up their Internet connections. And like any employee at the helpdesk, I get my fair share of irate customers, who are either complaining or addressing an issue that has long been left unresolved.

One day at work, I had one of those ‘difficult’ customers. Many of our agents, and to make it worse, even outsiders, had given this particular individual, a lady, the run around. Understandably, she was upset and very abusive over the phone. But my training to deal with such customers and situations got the better of me. I kept my calm and patiently listened to her. But she still could not stop abusing me. It seemed that my explanation and help did not satisfy her enough. Almost immediately, I was reminded of Bhagavan Baba’s words, and how sharing plain and simple words sprinkled with love can heal the other person even when not in direct contact.

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Thinking so, I placed her on hold and consulted one of my superiors on the exact solution to her problem. But even they gave me the same resolution that I had been trying to explain to her all the while.

And so, this time around, before I uttered another word, I took a deep breath and filled myself with love. I then set out explaining to her that I had only one answer to her problem, and while saying this, I prayed and sent my love to her. I prayed to Baba to fill her with content, peace and patience.

And this is when I decided to take a risk and talk to her about a similar situation that I had myself been through some time back. I promised her that I would do my best to help her, and even told her that I would pray that her predicament be solved as soon as possible. Her anger slowly subsided, so much so that she began speaking to me in her normal voice!

After being on the receiving end of her wrath, her calm words appeared as if Baba had Himself come by her side and patted her on the shoulder saying 'It is ok, life goes on'! That was the level of transformation a mere couple of sentences filled with love had brought about in her.

While the duration of the phone call was certainly longer than usual, thanks to the power of His expansive love, her problem was on its way to being solved. The lady was very thankful to me as she had finally found a person who could relate to her problem and actually listen.

The phone call that had started with anger had ended with laughter! My plain-speak and a genuine effort to reach out to her had worked miracles, leaving both the lady and me happy and content. Such is the power of love.

That reminds me of one more incident. On another day, when I was walking back from work, I happened to walk past a man who looked quite familiar. Only as I moved past him, I noticed that he did not appear happy or impressed to see me. While I did not know what had caused so much disdain in that man, I did recognise him as a superior at work in the same office as mine, but in another department. I shrugged the incident off thinking that he must have had a bad day.

But the very next day, I crossed paths with him again. This time again he did not look too happy to see me! So, I thought to myself that the next time I am face to face with him I will give him a big smile. Next day arrived, and sure enough the man was approaching. I greeted him with a discrete but loving smile. Yet again, all I received in return was a serious and morose look. That, however, did not discourage me.

For that matter, I resolved to myself that every time he would pass by me I would greet him with a smile; I had almost made it the mission of my life to evince a smile out of this man. Days passed, and still it was the same depressing story. I, however, stayed positive and continued my ‘onslaught’ with this man. At last, after a week of relentless pursuit, the gentleman greeted me with a smile, and that too, on his own! I must say, that smile melted my heart immediately, for I knew that it was God who had smiled through him.

It was Bhagavan who had motivated me to go that extra mile, so that I could share His love with a complete stranger, and it certainly was Baba again who, through this unexpected smile, had rewarded my intention and efforts. He taught me that if we persist with love, love will come to us. After all, is it not said that a smile is a curve that can set all things straight?

In both these instances, a simple expression of love had uplifted both its recipients and me. The message to me was load and clear – that if we broadcast love, by whichever means possible, be it by smiling, singing, through emails or posts, the same love boomerangs to us, ten-fold in magnitude! Ultimately, all that matters is our love for Him, and how we share this sacred love with everyone around.

~ By Ankit Narotam

Illustrations: Ms. Lyn Kriegler Elliott

~ Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 7 Issue 02 - FEBRUARY 2009
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