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- Feedback from our readers on the December 2008 issue

Feedback on the cover story: The ‘Be-Attitudes’ of Jesus
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I have just finished reading the Be-Attitudes series. It was wonderfully done, profound and simple. I forwarded it on to a few others. As a Christian minister (and devotee of Swami) I commend the writer for great insight into Jesus' teachings and the use of illustrations.  Thank you so much and Sai Ram!

Don Sandin

Thanks for enlightening us with The ‘Be-attitudes’ of Jesus, the examples added so much to the words, spoken so long ago!Yes, please tell us stories of saints again and again - love it!

Sai Ram

Mina Menon

I was born in former Yugoslavia, and after the beginning of the civil war in my country, I left Croatia and became a refugee in Serbia, where I still live. Reading this article, I was reminded of great lessons taught by Swami.

He guided me always to research the depths of my being, trying to fulfil each or any of God’s 10 Commandments (I was born as an Orthodox Christian, but lived as an atheist.)

As you wrote in the cover story I realised that I must never judge anyone, just because, no one can do anything, if it wasn’t called. I can hear my inner voice say "Only true forgiveness is true understanding".

Love and blessings from the depths of my heart!

Branka Babic

I came to know about the story of Father Kolbe by reading Heart2Heart. All the publications are extremely helpful and a constant reminder to practice at least one value from Swami's teachings at all times and at all places.

Thanks very much,

Nirupa Thayalkhandan,

Boston, U.S.A

The impact of The ‘Be-Attitudes' of Jesus goes beyond comprehension. Thanks a lot for spreading this great message of Love around the world, with all the best blessings of Baba.

Aum Sai Ram,

Jaap van Setten,

The Netherlands 

The story of Jesus was very informative and I would like to have such stories of all other Divine Incarnations. These are very useful to improve our knowledge and for our Unity of Faith Programs.

Thank you for all the hard work.



Feedback on: Spiritual Questions and Answers - Part 2
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Thank you for this wonderful service. I find it most interesting and useful, particularly the illustrations to go with the explanations.

Daya Ram, Fiji Islands


Feedback on: Colossal Tragedy and the Current of Spontaneous Love
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Your article was truly inspiring to me to learn more on seva that we all must do wherever and whenever possible. Bhagawan Baba's message of “Love all and serve all” is definitely put into practise by the selfless and dedicated Sai-volunteers in Bihar.

When no one else comes to help, Sri Sathya Sai Baba is always there to help the unfortunate ones. Bhagawan acts on what He preaches. We all should learn the lesson from Him to share what we have with those who do not have. Thank you for giving such inspiring articles and faith-enriching news in H2H of Radio Sai. 

Gopal Mehta,

Toronto, Canada

May Sai always bestow Divine energy upon all the Sai Volunteers, who have carried out selfless work in such difficult circumstances in Bihar.



Feedback on: Harnessing The Heart - Part 13
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As usual, an excellent value based experience. This is another lesson Swami has given me today as I am going to retire in 2 months time.

With lots of love Sai Ram,

Ms.M. Vasantha Lakshmi,

Asst Manager, Sales


Feedback on: Illuminating Lessons at His Lotus Feet - Part 2
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I needed this article. I am in a situation where I have to decide to continue working as a chaplain in a veteran’s hospital or go back to being a Pastor in a church. I pray that Swami will make his will known to me. I am very troubled over having to make this decision. Thank you for bringing me a return to the mother's feet.




Feedback on: How Swami U-Turned My Life
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This article definitely inspired me. It is so beautiful how Robert has narrated his experience. I have taken a very tiny step towards Swami. I am hoping that I will definitely get closer to Swami sooner than later. I have been asked to help at Bal Vikas and I am surrendering to Swami to guide me and be with me to do the duty that he is assigning to me with Love and Devotion.

Koti Pranams at His Lotus Feet,


Toronto, Canada.

Yes, definitely, the article has not only inspired me, but also showed the true meaning of LOVE in every aspect of life.

Thanks and Regards

S. Ravikumar

Actually I have not gone through the entire article but I could not resist myself from writing a few words about this wonderful effort. May the Lord of the Universe always shower His blessings on articles like this to spread His message wide across the globe in the most vibrant manner!

Sai Ram,



Feedback on: the Quizzes

The quiz is very well organised and indeed very interactive. It helps us to stay in tune on our spiritual journey. Keep up the great work. I am really enjoying the website.

Mooroogessa Arnachellum.

The quiz was amazing and would like to receive more of such quizzes in future.

Thanks & Regards,

V Balasubramanian,

Hyderabad, India

The quizzes are excellent to learn and understand various aspects of all religions. I like to see them more often. It is an excellent work that you all are turning out.

Ganesh Krishnan,

Phoenix, AZ, USA

I did like the quiz on ‘Unity in Diversity’ very much and the questions are excellent. It is very interactive and informative too. I liked the small stories, incidences and quotes cited in each question and enjoyed reading every bit of it. Please do continue to post such wonderful and interactive quizzes in H2H.

Thanks and Sairam again.

Sai Lakshmi Swaminathan,

Chicago, USA


Feedback on: Mesmerizing Moments with the Divine Master
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All the 9 parts of the experiences of Rani Maa were of particular interest to me. I felt Rani Maa was answering personally many of my questions. Thanks for the series and I wish that you continue with your invaluable service for long time to come.

Sai Ram!




Feedback on: Get Inspired Section

I am Indra, a school teacher in the Fiji islands and currently working for the curriculum development unit in Fiji. I am working with a team on a project called citizenship education. We are responsible for writing support materials for the project and while going through the Get Inspired Archives I became really enthusiastic to share these inspiring stories with all the teachers and students of the primary schools in Fiji through this project.

The team I am working with are already impressed with the stories and we would like to include them as a component of our language programme in the form of story cards. We are definitely going to acknowledge your immense and soul searching contribution. It just has the power to lift anyone’s spirits. May Bhagavan Baba continuously guide your team to continue to do this wonderful work of love for humanity.


Fiji Islands

What a beautiful inspiring article ‘The First Temple’ was! Caring for each other is the cure the world needs.

Sanjeev Menon,

This story on ‘The First temple’ is again a wonderful act of love. Thank you so much. It is so beautifully explained that when we pour love, God will live within us and also in our surroundings. When we have unconditional love for people and sacrifice, we receive God's grace with so much ease. My heartfelt thanks and best wishes for your service.

Ms. M. Vasantha Lakshmi


General Feedback

The October issue of the H2H was amazing, fantastic, but this one of November is simply the best ever! Congratulations and thank you very much for this monthly Divine Gift! May Swami keep on blessing you all forever and ever!

With Love, in the Light of the Self,


I want to thank you again for your wonderful and inspiring stories on ‘Love all, serve all’.  This is just what I needed at this time of great tragedy in Mumbai.  I will pick myself up and carry on with Baba's Love surrounding this beautiful world. Thank you. 

Joan Casper,

Grass Valley, California, USA


Feedback on: Sai Inspires, the inspirational daily e-mail service

I want to congratulate the whole team of Heart2Heart for their meticulous efforts. Checking this mail everyday has become the most important chore of my life.

Rishu Sharma

I have recently subscribed to your website and I am feeling highly benefited by the daily messages and the other contents. Please accept my appreciation and thanks for the service being rendered by you. I am 69 years old and am only repenting why I did not join the Sai Satsang earlier. Anyway, nothing is too late if Bhagavan Sai's Grace is there with me.

Thanks once again,

JPLN Sastry,

California, USA

Om Sai Ram,

I daily unload and enjoy the Sai Inspires and also take down notes of some of them for my further readings. It is a beautiful service for the benefit of the mankind as a whole. Please keep it going. I feel blessed.

Om Sudrania


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