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"Three Seconds Flat!"
By Mrs. Devika Gunasena

The Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Prasanthi Nilayam is the first institution established by Bhagavan Baba way back in 1954 to come to the rescue of poor and innocent villagers of Puttaparthi, as well as the increasing number of devotees to Prasanthi Nilayam. Everything about this hospital has been a divine miracle, right from the fact that it was constructed just 6 years after Indian independence and had just two doctors and a single nurse to start with, to now, when there are over hundred beds and scores of doctors and surgeons. The greater miracle is of course the amazing healing that happens in this hospital every single day. It baffles the doctors. The patients, needless to say, have no words to express their gratitude.

One such story is of Mrs. Devika Gunasena. Her experience is simply thrilling! Watch these videos to get a summary of what happened right from the horse’s mouth. The complete account of the story follows below these video clips.

video video
Mrs. Devika Gunasena recounts her traumatic experience
which had a thrilling end

I am Devika from Sri Lanka. It all started on May 18, 2009; it was a Monday. I went shopping in Sri Lanka with one of my friends for a particular Sai work. On the way I ate a guava.

Sai Healing Touch
Mrs. Devika Gunasena

By evening, I was down with stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. I was scheduled to travel to India to see Swami on Thursday and I wanted to get rid of all this and be fit before I travel. So I went to the doctor and was given medicines but they didn’t improve my condition; it just got worse.

A Tortuous Journey

As time went on, my stomach started swelling up and I still had terrible contractions with a lot of pain. I took the flight on Thursday with my husband and son and throughout the journey I just consumed a little bit of lime juice and no other food. There was a taxi waiting for us and I came to Puttaparthi. I felt every bump on the road because my stomach was so swollen. It was a terrible pain and I cannot express in words the trauma I went through.

We entered Puttaparthi ashram and found our room. My husband said, “Let’s go to the Hospital”. I said, “No, we will go in the morning because the doctors wouldn’t be there in this late hour.” That night, Swami came in my dream. My husband and my son were sleeping on either side of me. I have this history of strangulation of the bowels, and once when we had an interview with Swami, my mother who was very worried about me, had asked Swami about this problem and He had said, “It’s gastric.” And whenever I used to have this kind of pain, it always used to be gastric – something like gastroenteritis.

Fast Track Clearance

Sai Healing Touch
"I can clear it in three seconds flat!"

I knew that there was something radically wrong with me that night. So I had a talk with Swami. I said, “Swami! You gave word to my mother! Why are You breaking it?” And I drifted off to sleep. In the night, Swami appeared in my dream and said: “You have an obstruction; but I can clear it in three seconds flat!”

I didn’t know what He meant but those were the very words that He used. So I thought everything would be fine in the morning. But it wasn’t. I was still bloated up and the pain was worse! I was thinking: ‘Oh my God! Swami! What is this? You came in my dream and told me that You will take care of it and how come I am still having this pain?’

I sent my family off for Darshan and told them I will be okay, but I was so sick! I just brought out everything that I had taken in. Nothing was going through! There was some block somewhere and so, I just threw up anything I ate.

After my husband and son returned from darshan, I was ready to be taken to the Hospital. I said: “Let’s go, I just can’t bear this anymore.” There were very kind people nearby who arranged for the ambulance to come to the doorstep and I was admitted to the Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital.

Into the Divine Care of Sai Hospital

Dr. Uma saw me and I had to relate my history of this strangulation problem because there were scars all over my stomach! She confirmed what Swami had already said: “There is an obstruction which is why food is not passing through and that’s why you are simply bringing it out. There are three options now. You can either fly back to Sri Lanka immediately, or go to a premier hospital in Bangalore, or we can keep you here and try to flush it out with just liquids.” She wanted my family to make the decision. They said: “We will keep her here.”

So I was just brought into this room and given this bed. And what do I see? You won’t believe it! This is the exact picture; the image that I saw in my dream! It was as if Swami was there by me all the time! It was amazing.! Then they started the treatment. They gave me bottles and bottles of saline but the obstruction just didn’t clear. Then, on Friday morning, the two doctors went for Darshan and after they returned, they examined and said: “I think you will have to be moved to the Bangalore Hospital because your intestines are dormant; they are just too tired and have just given up. I don’t think they can do the work on their own of pushing and getting rid of the obstruction.”

SSSIHMS Prasanthi Nilayam SSSIHMS Prasanthi Nilayam SSSIHMS Prasanthi Nilayam
The Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Prasanthi Nilayam

That was just hell for me because now the condition was getting worse; the pain was severe and my stomach was just bloating out. They said they would prepare me for the three-hour journey to Bangalore and then inserted a tube through my nose which was just agony. I have had it twice before which is a procedure to take the gases out. I had sworn before that I would never go through that again but I here I was undergoing it again. It was sheer anguish! I can’t tell you in words.

Anyway, they started pumping out the gas but it didn’t help much. Then, they gave me some more bottles of saline. They were pumping it fast and preparing me for the journey and asked my family to make arrangements for a taxi to rush me to Bangalore. But my husband was adamant. He wanted to stay for darshan to ask Swami. But Dr. Uma said: “It might be too late! Why are you delaying? It might be 10:30 p.m by the time you reach there and the doctors may not be available then”. But my husband was unyielding. They made all the arrangements and they came just before Darshan to tell me that everything had been organised.

Inexplicable Relief at the Ultimate Moment

Sai Healing Touch
A relieved Gunasena family

Just before they were about to return from Darshan, I had a sensation in my stomach and therefore visited the bathroom. And everything was cleared! It would have taken Swami just three seconds as He had told me, and His words came true! The two doctors came and I said: “I just went to the toilet and it’s fine.”

They said: “My goodness! Cancel your taxi. Put back everything because you are going to stay here.” At this point, my husband and son walked in and heard these words. They had prayed to Ganesha and their favourite Gods, and the moment they stepped into my room the doctors told them that Swami had done it!

Dr. Uma said, “You know, Swami waits for the eleventh hour and the 59th second to do it!” Which is true. And it’s marvelous! I am perfectly alright, thanks to Swami. And I thank Him from the bottom of my heart. Also I must mention that the care and the attention I received in this Hospital was absolutely wonderful. I don’t think I can get it anywhere. Even if I go to any other hospital in the world, I don’t think I can receive the treatment I did here. The attention and the care they have given me is unbelievable – it’s absolutely unbelievable! The doctors, Dr. Uma and Dr. Hema, have been so wonderful. I have no words to express my gratitude for what they have done for me.

~ Heart2Heart Team

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