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- Feedback from our readers on the May 2009 issue

Feedback on the cover story: Where Love Greets You And Grace Cures…
The Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Prasanthi Nilayam - Vol II

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Cover Cover Cover

Dear All,

I'm writing those few words from Canada. This story indeed uplifted my spirit - it is too beautiful to be true, but it is true. The devotion of the workers in this hospital, the atmosphere, treatments, and the strong confidence of everybody involved in this work of service is really amazing!

It is not to be compared to anything we observe anywhere else. The place where I live is so different and very materialistic. I believe there is no place for such a hospital here! I'm glad that I know about this and at least a little about Swami.


(Dear Ms. Betty, thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. We are touched by your sentiments. But we disagree that ‘there is no place for such a hospital here’. We believe that there are countless numbers of men and women of goodwill who are just waiting to participate in such noble endeavours. Society’s structures are changing and hopefully very soon we will see many such worthy philanthropic ventures springing up to usher in a new world of caring and sharing, based on Bhagavan’s teachings of “love all serve all’ -  H2H Team)


Going through this cover story is inspiring…ordinary people like me with the blessings of Baba are doing such a great service to humanity…it teaches me a lesson: smile not superficially but with love. I know this is possible if I start seeing Swami in everybody.

Prashant Durgam


Keep writing about the seva that is being done by our fellow Sai brothers and Sisters at God’s Hospital. The experiences and stories are very inspiring to us here in Malaysia. Please keep the good work at H2H going.

Anbukkarasi N Mathavan,

Penang, Malaysia


The articles about the Seva in SSSGH touched my heart so deeply and inspired me so much. Not only the words spoken by the varied staff members and patients but also your sweet, loving and thorough way of narration and work. Please carry on with more articles about Sai Seva for the poor in India, including the medical seva.



What a wonderful story about the General Hospital. When I saw Dr. Vasundhara and Gloria Blake, it brought back fond memories for me of the time when I was blessed with the opportunity to volunteer with Mrs. Bose in the physical therapy department. The photo of Gloria in her room actually conjured up the alcohol scent that I remember in that room. I can still see and feel the semi-cool tile floor under my feet with that pretty pinkish color. What a wonderful life it is to be able to serve in Swami's Hospital. As Gloria says, it feels like heaven.

Michele Hammerton


I want to express the joy I feel when I read those fantastic and mind-blowing stories and facts on the H2H journal. When I read about the Sai Hospital, I feel a great desire to serve there and help people out, and make them have a smile on their face. I hope Baba will allow me to do seva there.

I know Baba since my birth and I find that my faith has grown by reading H2H. I thank the whole team for the brilliant work you are doing.

Manish  Dumur,



Feedback on the Sai Seva article: How a 'Hell of Pain' Became a 'Heaven of Love'
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I have read this article and it’s truly helped me to open my heart to do more Seva, or at least to be less ignorant. I’m in Malaysia and we don’t get to see this type of situation (like in Orissa) much. It’s truly moved me. I’m nothing compared to those selfless volunteers. Please do keep these articles coming as I believe it inspires many more souls like me.

Gayathri, Malaysia


This story was entrancing.  It is such a perfect illustration of Swami's influence and Love.  I think that it is only in India that one can find such dedicated youth and it is only in India that someone like Swami can spread His message so effectively.  Carry on, Mother India! You are an example to the world.

Jacqueline Trost,



It requires a lot of mental courage and unlimited faith in Swami to serve these patients. Thanks to Bhagavan Baba's angels in the form of these dedicated Sai-volunteers, there is now hope for them. As Swami declares, "Hands that help are holier than lips that pray", and these young seva workers are true messengers of Swami. It is a highly inspiring story with the message of manav seva is madhav seva.

Gopal Mehta,



This is really inspiring. Throughout the article, tears kept flowing constantly. I felt that as I was reading about their work and experiences, my being was actually getting purified. So powerful is their service.



I am deeply and truly touched and I am unable to find words to describe the effect reading the article has had on me. There is no doubt in my mind that the Sai Youth offering their selfless services at the hospital are truly the chosen few - chosen by our very Swami Himself to offer their dedicated services. They are divine beings indeed.  

I truly hope that many more (including "yours truly") are inspired to follow suit, sooner than later. This would certainly make the world a much better place to live in.

My most sincere thanks and warmest regards to H2H team for providing such wonderful "eye-opener" articles.  




Words are inadequate to describe the feelings welling in my heart when I read this article. Truly Bhagavan is reaching and touching those helpless people through the Sai Youth.  The hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray.....I thank your team for this inspiring article.



Feedback on: Spiritual Questions and Answers
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This series by Prof. G. Venkataraman is wonderful and easy to understand. I look forward to it every month.

As the Devotional Coordinator of the Washington D.C. Sai Center the articles help me in understanding the Study Circle material and explaining it to others. Keep up the good work!

Michael Rakoff


Prof. Venkataraman's articles are my favourite read on the net.




Feedback on: Enthralling Reminiscences of the Days of Yore, Part 4
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I have found the divine accounting described by the disciples of Shivananda very interesting and directly related to Swami's teachings on selfless service. I have been inspired to redouble my efforts to "Love all and serve all."  This article has been of great inspiration to me.

Wilbert M. Stephenson, Brooklyn, New York.


Feedback on: Mother Supreme… Mother So Sweet, So Dear
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This and many other articles that I have found in H2H throughout the years have been like having darshan from Swami! Thank you for making Swami's Love available in such sweet treats.




Thank you for that wonderful account of Swami's Divine Motherly Love and Omniscience.  I read it because my earthly mother died April 22, 2009.  She was a Christian and read the Bible when she could.  A double amputee and paralyzed on the left from 1988, she always smiled, never complained, and was loving to all.  As a Christian, she would pray to Jesus for comfort and for the benefit of others. In her final days she advised me that she had been calling on Swami to come and help her, and she said that every time she called on Him, He came.

Swami is the Mother of all mothers.  I am certain that my earthly mother of 89 years merged with my eternal divine Mother, Sai Ma.  Thank you for your inspiring story.

Jeanne Marshall,

North Carolina, USA


Feedback on: Prashanti Diary
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Om Sri Sai Ram,

The daily coverage in Prashanti Diary about Sri Sai Bhagavan's leela and Prashanti Samachar fills our heart with inexpressible joy. And to miss it is indeed a huge miss.

Dinesh Mohapatra


Feedback on: Quiz on Mother Easwaramma
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Sai Ram,

I found this great and enjoyed reading the answers, very refreshing and fun as well as moving. It is a good idea to do more of these.  Swami's message and life is experienced with fun and in a very interactive way! Thank you dearly.

Prema Ram, Belgium



Sai Ram,

Greetings and Love from Kobe.

Dear brothers, thank you very much for sending me this wonderful Heart to Heart May issue which is full of the divine grace of Bhagavan. Every article we read is wonderful - inspiring us to share with others.

The Heart2Heart issue you send monthly is highly inspirational and it encourages love and service to mankind. May the Lord's messages reach every home and Swami's blessings be showered on your team for such a wonderful job.

Ram Chugani,

Kobe, Japan


Reading through your Heart to Heart magazine on the internet, I must congratulate you and your team for a job well done. I am sure this is all through the Grace of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Truly I am very much inspired.


Pinetown, South Africa


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Vol 7 Issue 06 - JUNE 2009
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