Volume 9 - Issue 08
August 2011
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Posted on: Aug 10, 2011




Ms. Moyia, a 'pink twin', shares how Sai touched and transformed her being

- a video presentation


Bhagawan says that His darshan is a blessing which even the gods of the highest heavens pine for. And anyone who has had His darshan will vouch for that! Every time we see Swami it feels special, however the first sight of Swami - the very first time we looked into His face - is such an overwhelming experience. So too it was for Ms. Moyia, one of the O’Brien twins from Australia, whom Swami lovingly referred to as 'the Pink Twins'.


Before we saw Baba, we had read about Him. Someone had described Him as a tiny figure vibrating with the essence of all beings, on fire with love and radiating light like the sun. And there He was! We said to ourselves: “This is what we’ve been looking for - this is it! Now we know what we been waiting for!” And from that minute He changed our lives. We just loved Him - loved Him so much.

Each one of us have our own vivid recollections of the feelings that coursed through us, the emotions that welled in us and the peace and joy that pervaded us when we first saw Him. On their first trip itself, Swami blessed the twins with an interview in which He made a very subtle yet significant observation.


But we had this interview and He said, “Any spiritual questions?” Of course everybody froze. Then He said, “Don’t you speak English?” And then flood gates opened. One woman said, “Baba, would You help my husband to get a job?” Someone else asked, “Baba, would You help my daughter to get a husband?” “Baba would You help me with that book I’m writing?” And so on it went. Dorothy, my sister said, “Baba, would You help us with this organisation we’re trying to get together for disabled people?” It was just starting then and we weren’t getting very far with it; we had no money and no one to help us. So we needed that extra spiritual input to help us become established.

So He said, “Come up here and sit. Now tell Me what will you do for these disabled people?” She said, “We will love them and try to understand them.” He said “Oh... to understand them is difficult. But to love them is easy.” So sweet. And then He made this green ring and this was the first green that we ever saw from Baba; it’s different to the ones now. He made it and put it out towards her, and she went “Ahhhh!” He said, “Oh” and put it behind His back. She went “Oh”. He said, “Give me your hand.” And He put it on her hand and said, “You can put this on the hands and feet of the disabled people; it will help them.”

After this Baba told Ms. Dorothy, “For you this is the simple life; no ritual or yagna or yoga - just love, love, love and touch, touch, touch.” And she really did lead a very simple life spending her time only in love and service. As the 'pink sisters' read more about Baba's teachings they were convinced beyond doubt that love and service were always at the heart of Baba's teachings. All the other things Baba tells us to do are important too, but to find Him or to attain liberation, all one has to do is just engage in love and selfless service.

“To understand people is very difficult, but to love them is very easy!” What a mantra from our dear Lord! When God Himself says that it is difficult to understand people, how improbable, if not impossible, must it be for people to understand God? And that has been the case with Swami. We can never ever fathom the depth of His love and wisdom. Relentlessly and tirelessly He strives for universal peace and Love. He never tries to publicize or project His nobility. Yet in some blessed circumstances, when we get to know of His bounty and love, what else can we feel other than get overpowered by His beautiful presence?


Well, some years ago a man came to our door and we gave him one of our books. And he came back the next day and said, “Look, you don’t even know me and you gave me that book, so I’m going to tell you a story which not many people know.” And then he said, “You know the story of the green ceiling? Baba sent for me, I come from Hyderabad.” And He said, “I have got a special project for you. The Italian people want to put gold leaf on the upper part of the ceiling. So we got to put a background, I want you to supervise it.” So they got coloured charts with all the pinks and the blues and the cream, and Baba said, “No, no I don’t want that - I want green.” “Oh no Baba, green would clash; it doesn’t go with the other colours, it must be one of these colours.” “No, I want green,” Baba said and continued, “You know those green and gold rings I give people for love, peace and healing? I can’t give everybody a green and gold ring but if I give them a green and gold ceiling anybody who sits under that ceiling will get the benefit. The energy will fall on them even if they are not aware of it; they will get that energy.”

Isn’t that interesting?

Is it any wonder that Swami always insisted on the chanting of the universal prayer Samastha Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu (May there be peace in all the worlds everywhere)? Bhagawan wants us to be happy always and in order to do that, He gives a magic formula. Though its administration and dosage varies with time, people and circumstance, the basic technique is always the same. Let us use this formula and make life easy and wonderful for us.


And I’d made a book called ‘Moments of Beauty’; that was the first book I ever made. Dorothy always wanted to reprint it, so I took it with me into the interview room and said, “Baba, should I get this book reprinted?” He said, “Yes.” And He went through the book again and there’s a lovely saying in there that He gave me once in an interview. We were laughing thinking if we would get a good centre going in Australia and He said, “Yes, yes, you will.” But he added, “Oh, but you must remember: People will not always react the way you want them to, the way you expect them to, the way you think they should, and the way you’d like them to... You cannot change people but if you put enough love into any situation it will work out right in the end.” And that was in the book - a picture of Baba standing near a waterfall and those words. So He took His finger and went around it as if tracing His finger around that. That is the most important message in the whole book.

Beautiful, isn’t it? And it works! I’ve told that to so many people. It works for me and for other people. If you put enough love into any situation it will work out right in the end.

It was lovely, wasn’t it? So we had that printed again too.

The greatest is always Love. And that is what has been served to us in abundance by our dear Swami. Let us keep faith in Love and proceed in our lives with enthusiasm and joy. Let us always live in the realisation that “God has a plan for me and that is all I need to know!”



- Radio Sai Team


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