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July 2011
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Posted on: July  27,  2011



Mr. V. Srinivasan

A qualified engineer, Mr. V. Srinivasan is a well-known industrialist. He is the chairman of W.S. Industries located in Chennai, India. He was formerly the national president of the Confederation of Indian Industries, the national president of the Institute of Indian Plant Engineers, a member of the Jawaharlal University Syndicate, senior member of the US-based Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, and founder chairman of its Chennai chapter.

He came to the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan more than four decades ago, and has since then been blessed by Swami to hold several key positions in His divine mission.

As the all-India president of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisations, Mr. V. Srinivasan guides and supervises the activities of the organization across the country. He is a Trustee of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning Trust and the Sri Sathya Sai Medical Trust.

For millions of devotees all over the world, Bhagawan Baba has been God personified. They worshipped and adored Him; they prayed only to Him in times of joy and sorrow; He was their friend, guide and philosopher. Many still continue to have the same attitude towards Him and He still answers their prayers in His own unique way, which we cannot even begin to comprehend and understand. Bhagawan continues to manifest His miracles all over the world. Each individual has his/her own special experiences of Baba’s Divinity. The greatest joy for Sai devotees is to share and listen to these leelas - the infinite stories of His glory. Through these conversations, which are in fact satsangs, each one’s faith and devotion is reinforced and strengthened.

  sathya sai baba sathya sai baba sathya sai baba

All of us were greatly attached to Bhagawan’s wondrous physical form. We eagerly looked forward to the daily darshans for which all of us waited patiently for hours without caring for our bodily discomforts or inconveniences. Darshan was everything, and if by chance Baba looked our way, it was heavenly; if He spoke to us, we were transported to ethereal joy.

Baba had repeatedly told us “I am not this body, and you are not this body too”. He wanted us to realise the universal atma which He personified and of which each one of us is also a container.

Today many devotees are feeling lost. The road ahead is not clear to them and they are also plagued by the reports of various controversies. They seek solace from each other but are not sure whether they should really exchange thoughts and news. They wonder whom to turn to for some guidance on what will happen to the future of all the institutions and the Sai Centers, Samithis and Bhajan Mandalis.

The time has come for us to understand what is the real legacy of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!

To me, the legacy of Bhagawan consists of several parts.

God-Made Institutions for Man's Inspiration

First are the Institutions that He has set up, such as the University, the Hospitals,  the Schools, the Ashram, etc. These are mainly administered by the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust and the University Trust. With His vision and foresight, Bhagawan has set up adequate corpus funds for His Institutions to enable them to continue to function well on the income from these funds, which are all deposited in the fixed deposits with nationalised banks. Hence, all of them will continue to offer free education and medical treatment to all, irrespective of religion, caste, creed or income.

sathya sai baba sathya sai baba sathya sai baba sathya sai baba sathya sai baba sathya sai baba sathya sai baba sathya sai baba
Sathya Sai Institutions in Relentless Service

Bhagawan established these Institutions to be models to prove that it is possible to offer free high quality education and the most modern medical treatment totally free of cost without seeking assistance from the government for everything. The proof has been there for more than twenty years in the successful working of these Institutions. Lakhs of poor and needy persons have benefited and they are indeed the living proofs of Baba’s compassion and love. These Institutions are for those that need them and hopefully will motivate others as Bhagawan wished, to set up similar citadels of love and service to humanity.

These are the material parts of His Legacy, which are there for the whole world to see and experience.

Love - the Royal Path to Salvation

The second part is a manifestation of the purpose for which the Sai Avatar descended. He was Love personified, a Love which transcended all barriers and limits, a Love which encompassed the entire creation. He has lit the lamp of love in millions of hearts, the brilliance of which inspires them to transform their lives and project that love in their daily lives. This love makes those individuals caring and sharing persons, who collectively engage in the society and by their actions, motivate others to also be caring and sharing, leading to a general improvement of society. Even though this process may be slow, its impact is long lasting. Baba’s inspiration of Love to millions of individuals is translated verily into Love in Action all over the world.

sathay sai baba sathay sai baba sathay sai baba sathay sai baba sathay sai baba sathay sai baba sathay sai baba sathay sai baba

This Love transforms lives every second. Life acquires a new meaning. For Sai devotees there is a new path - Prema Yoga which embodies all the other yogas of Karma, Bhakti and Gnana within itself. Bhagawan has said “Live in Love” and that is the way for our continuous communion with Him.

LOVE is therefore Bhagawan’s greatest legacy, which may not be touched but is real and universal and experienced by all. It belongs to all mankind, not just to a few. It cannot be appropriated by anybody but can only be shared and experienced, for the redemption of one and all.

Educare - the True Way Education is to be Imparted

The third part of His Legacy is Education. While many others talked about it, Bhagawan postulated and introduced in His educational institutions human values based educational curricula. The system of Integral Education implemented in the Sai University is unique and unlike any other. Education in Human Values has many concepts introduced by Bhagawan, including 3-HV, and Educare. The education given in His institutions is for life and not merely for earning a living. Right from the stage of childhood, such value-based education is available in the Bal Vikas classes which are conducted throughout the length and breadth of India and in many other countries through the full-time Sai schools and Sai University. This legacy of values-based Sai Education is His priceless gift to humanity for posterity.

educare educare educare educare educare educare educare educare

Sri Sathya Sai Organisation – A Spiritual Nursery for Mankind

The fourth part of His legacy is the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation, which is active in all the states of India and in 125 countries of the world. The Organisation is an instrument created by Bhagawan to enable all to perform their sadhana and achieve their spiritual goals through it. The Organisation has three wings - the spiritual, educational and service. One can choose any to perform their seva and sadhana. Today in India alone, there are 600,000 members who voluntarily serve with love and devotion. They include government officers and bureaucrats, doctors, engineers, judges and lawyers, professors and teachers, legislators, farmers, and students.  They work in over 2700 villages, and in slums, hospitals, old age homes, jails, orphanages and in disaster areas, inspired by Bhagawan's  message that service to man is service to God. Many of them have never even had a chance to talk to Swami, yet they have been supercharged by His divinity and have dedicated their lives to selfless service.

We see Sevadal volunteers from every state of India regularly in the ashram, in the hospitals, and in all places at Prashanti Nilayam. They come here at their own expense, lovingly giving their time and effort. For these volunteers, offering such seva is their communion with Bhagawan Baba, since they know that Bhagawan is pleased when we serve the poor and needy with love, and their faith is that Bhagawan is there where His work is done. This seva has transformed their lives and they will continue to engage in it till the end of their lives. Nobody can take their Bhagawan away from them for He is always with them. Nobody need force them to do anything, since they serve with love and devotion. For those that are served, this seva brings Bhagawan into their lives and transforms them also to in turn love and serve others.

sathya sai organisation sathya sai organisation sathya sai organisation sathya sai organisation sathya sai organisation sathya sai organisation sathya sai organisation

The Organisation’s activities continue and will only increase in the future. The Youth are giving a new dynamism and energy to the Organisation, using new tools and technology to improve the efficiency of their Seva. This Legacy of Bhagawan created for human good and welfare is always His, never to be taken away by anyone but only to be shared and experienced by personal involvement.

The Sai Organisation is now active in 125 countries of the World. Bhagawan belongs not just to India and Indians but to all the citizens of this earth. They came in millions for His Love and Inspiration and they will continue to do so for He has become a part of their lives forever.

This therefore, dear brothers and sisters, is Baba’s legacy of Love. His legacy is His eternal message to Humanity. Blessed are those who knew Him. Even more blessed are those who share His legacy of LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL.

Jai Sai Ram!

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