Volume 8 - Issue 09
July 2011
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Posted on: July  6, 2011


Golden Virtues for the Golden Age

- A video presentation

In His own writing Dharma Vahini, Baba makes a profound and lucid point. He says, people often ask “How can my following Dharma (righteousness) change the world? I have to do something else to change the world!” Baba says this is like hoping to improve matters in a dark room by a mere readjustment of furniture when what is actually needed is to light a lamp.

Similarly in this benighted world, it is difficult to move about truthfully, correctly and peacefully without knocking against some obstacle or other. Then how can we succeed? “Light the lamp of Dharma! Let it reveal the reality; get the light of Jnana (wisdom). Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitaha – Righteousness protects the Right. It is Dharma that determines one's life, nothing else,” asserts  Baba.

Interestingly, when Bhagawan gave a discourse on the last day of Dusshera in 2007 (His only Dusshera discourse that year), even as He commenced His speech, He materialized the two gold coins which Shirdi Sai Baba had given to his dear devotee, Lakshmibai and went on to add that those two represented Sathya (Truth) and Dharma (Righteousness). “Follow these two principles steadfastly; this is enough sadhana for all,” He reiterated.

Let us now watch a tiny clip of that precious discourse:


Let your daily life be suffused with Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Righteousness), Santhi (Peace) and Prema (Love). Truth is atma (the Spirit within); Dharma is the duty that we have to perform. Hence discharge your duty truthfully. In fact these two are the sadhanas (spiritual practices) you have to undertake; these two alone will protect you in every way and alleviate all sorrows and difficulties. No human being during the course of their life’s sojourn in this physical world should give up Truth and Righteousness. Truth has to be experienced in one’s heart while righteousness has to be reflected in one’s deeds; these two are enough, no other sadhanas are required. The appellations - Rama, Krishna, Govinda or Narayana, are only names ascribed to God but Divinity has no particular name or form. Truth comes first, righteousness next.

There are millions in this world but the Divinity present in all is only one. This has been described in the Gita as Mamaivamsho jivaloke jivabhuta sanathana (The eternal atma in all beings is a part of My being).

There is only one Divinity present in all and that is the only truth. You may address Him by any name – Rama, Krishna, Govinda, Allah or Jesus – but God is always only One. Hence realise the oneness of Divinity; contemplate on that truth; consider that truth as God and spread that truth to one and all. What we are expected to do is not giving alms or doing charity; whatever activity we may undertake it must be suffused with truth. When people follow such a path, all will be happy. The entire universe represents only one truth. People however express it in different ways. That is why it is said in the scriptures Ekam sath viprah bahudha vadanti (Truth is one but the wise refer to it by various names). Truth alone is the permanent and changeless principle in this world; all other things – names and forms - are ephemeral like the passing clouds. Once such an eternal truth is established in your heart, whatever you do becomes dharma.

Baba explains further this principle of righteousness in Dharma Vahini in clear terms. He says the wicked demon Hiranyakasipu as well as pure-hearted Prahlada lived in the same chronological Yuga; similarly Dwapara Yuga had both Dharmaja, the personification of Righteousness, and the arch-cheat Duryodhana. Therefore for each individual the Yuga one experiences is in accordance with the Dharma one practices; if one adheres to all salient principles of dharma, one can as well be in Krita Yuga (golden age) even now. It is the conduct of man that makes or mars history and changes the golden age to the iron age or vice versa.

As we prepare ourselves to celebrate the holy festival of Guru Poornima, the day when we offer our obeisance and gratitude to our Sadguru, our Divine Master, let us strive to make alive His teachings in our lives. For as it is said it is important to value the Master but more important to master His values.

- Radio Sai team


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