Volume 8 - Issue 09
July 2011
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Posted on: July  27, 2011




Bhagawan answers this puzzle

- a video presentation

“God you think, God you are; dust you think, dust you are” said Lord Jesus. The entire Universe according to Bhagawan Baba is reaction, reflection and resound. Swami gives us the example of the little boy who told his mother that there was someone hiding in the hills, who scolded him everyday. With a smile, the mother taught him the principle of the echo and told him, “Always speak lovingly to him and you will see what a nice person he is!”

The Universe is a mirror. What we hold up to it, is what we get in return. If we hold something we like, then that is what we get. On the contrary,  if we hold up something unpleasant, even if we don’t like it, that is what the Universe will give us in return too. A mirror only reflects. Thus the onus is on us to hold good thoughts, good feelings and do good deeds. As we sow, so shall we reap.




Yad bhavam tad bhavathi (as you think so you become). You are bound to experience the reflection, reaction, and resound of your feelings, be they good or bad. If you see bad in others, it is only a reflection of your evil feelings. It is a mistake to blame others while ignoring your own faults. Purify your feelings in the first instance. Love even those whom you consider as wicked. In fact, nobody is wicked in this world. It is because of bhrama (delusion) that you consider some as good and some wicked.

The August 31, 2008 turned out to be a special occasion for all of Swami’s students working in various institutions at Puttaparthi and Whitefield. Swami had graciously agreed to speak to them that afternoon. As He had promised, Swami enquired at about 3:30 p.m. whether all the students had gathered in the Bhajan Hall. He wanted to make sure none would miss the bounty that He was about to confer.

Swami went around and enquired sweetly from everyone as to whether they were all happy with the food! When everyone responded with joy, Bhagawan was very happy and touched. Moving to the front, Swami lit the candle and cut a specially made cake. Then Swami settled comfortably facing all the students. Among the many things He told them, was a very poignant and powerful little story which runs thus:

A dog once entered a hall of mirrors. Seeing so many dogs all around, it felt that it must assert its supremacy. As it growled in authority, hundreds of dogs growled back at it. Now it attacked one of the dogs. The mirror collapsed and broke into pieces. Now there were a thousand dogs growling back at the dog! That is how dogs behave. But when a human enters the same hall, he is only filled with love and admiration, for he  knows the truth that it is only him being reflected everywhere. If at all he notices any defect, he immediately corrects himself and instantly everything becomes perfect!

Form alone does not constitute a human being. A true human being is one who embodies good habits, helps ever, and hurts never. You should not merely be an aakara manava (human being in form); you should become an aachara manava (human being in practice). Speak good, see good, do good, and be good. Divinity will manifest in you only when your conduct is good.

The divine vibrations that result from the bhajan you have just sung is spreading to all parts of the world. The divine name that you chant purifies the hearts of many. Hence do not entertain bad feelings or use bad words. Employ sacred words. Sing the glory of God. By doing so, you will render a great help to the whole world. Do not hurt others. Help everybody. When you help others, you will certainly achieve positive results. Make proper use of your time. Chant God's Name and make your heart sacred.

Many times we see ‘nice’ things happening to ‘bad’ people and ‘unfortunate' things happening to ‘good’ people. Swami says that good and bad are relative; one only faces the consequences of one's actions and thoughts. The confusing disparity is because of the time frame involved.

When we clap our hands, we hear the sound immediately; the reaction is instantaneous. But it takes a while after we have finished food before we belch; that reaction takes some more time. Similarly when a mango seed is sown, it takes years for the tree to grow and yield fruits; the reaction time here is a lot more.

We do good and at times are struck by misfortune. We wonder, “Why did this happen to me?” In reality our actions too have different reaction times. We often confuse the reaction to one action when it seemingly comes after another action. And we are baffled all the more as we are unaware of so many of our past actions! So letting go of the past, let us always be good and do good, for that will ensure that we always get good results once the load of past bad actions is worn down!

And the best time to start being good is – NOW!

- Radio Sai team

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