Volume 8 - Issue 09
June 2011
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Posted on: June 29, 2011

The Gift of Darshan - I

- A video presentation from Radio Sai

The term “darshan” is not new to Sai devotees. Darshan has been both - sustenance and fulfillment - for millions of people all around the globe.

We present below a small video which offers you glimpses of a darshan session in 1998. Mind you, this is not just a video – it is darshan! Baba says that the external form is only an aid to see Him internally, always. And every pure thought that arises in our heart while watching this video, will takes us closer to that goal.

Also let us recollect what Bhagawan Baba says regarding darshan:

"After My darshan, always find a quiet corner, where you may enter into the stillness and receive the completion of My blessings. As I pass you, My energy goes from Me into you. If, immediately after darshan, you start talking, the precious energy gifted to you gets dissipated and returns to Me unused. Be assured that whatever My eyes see, becomes vitalised and transmuted. You are being changed day by day - never underestimate what is being accomplished by the act of My Darshan.

"My walking amongst you is a gift yearned for by the gods of the highest heavens; but here you are receiving this Grace without much effort. Be grateful for what you are getting. The blessings you receive would express themselves in due course, when the time comes. But also remember: To whom much is given, from him much also would be demanded!”

Baba is beyond time and He is always with us, in us, around us, below us and above us - guiding and guarding us like the eyelids protect the eye. Let us live this darshan experience now.


Once, when a devotee asked Baba as to how one should know whether one has His grace, Swami replied, “If you get thoughts of Swami without making efforts, know that you have My Grace.”

Baba tells us that darshan is not merely seeing His physical form; it is something more sublime and spiritual.

“There are those who may never see Me in the concrete form. They have, all the same, reached Me through a friend, a book, or a photograph. To each of these, if they yearn deeply, I give My darshan inwardly. These too I love as deeply, for they have begun to see themselves as being beyond their body, as Divine Souls. This is the advancement towards Self-Realisation.”

Therefore, all belong to HIm and He reaches out in His own inimitable way to each one at the right time. Let us just focus on Him and Him alone and sanctify our precious lives.

- Radio Sai Team


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