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1. How can I listen to Radio Sai?

You can visit our website www.radiosai.org and click on the the links under the head ‘Listen Now’ on the left side of the page. You can click on the stream of your choice and listen to it.

You can also listen to Radio Sai on other players pre-installed on your computer or laptop, details about which is available through the link - Listen on Other players

2. Do I have to pay anything to listen to Radio Sai?

No. All streams of Radio Sai are available 24 hour a day for free. Nevertheless, the data carrier or the service provider (the company which is offering you the Internet connection) will levy the regular Internet usage charges.

3. Can I download the programmes that I hear on Radio Sai?

Yes. All programmes broadcast on the Radio Sai streams can be downloaded. You can download or listen anytime the various programmes by going to our Audio Archive section or by using the Audio Search option.

4. Can I still Listen to Radio Sai on my World Space Digital Radio sets?

World Space has wound up its operations in India and they have not been broadcasting since Jan 2011. However negotiations are on to resume the digital radio service, the details of which though, are too early to talk about. But as of now Radio Sai (Asia stream) is being broadcast through the Asia Star satellite as a trial broadcast. And as it is a trial service, there is likely to be breaks and shutdowns in the broadcast. As of now, you can listen to Radio Sai (Asia stream) if you have a world Space receiver, and as always there are no subscription charges.

5. Can we receive Radio Sai with our Digital Radio?

You can listen to Radiosai with Wifi radios as given here, but not with other radio sets.

6. Can we contribute programs to Radio Sai?

We would be happy to receive your support. Please contact  office@radiosai.org  for information on this.

7. Can you do live broadcasts?

At present we are offering live broadcasts daily, during the prayer sessions and of programmes in the Sai Kulwant Hall.

8. Can we listen to Radio Sai on our car radio?

You can listen to Radio Sai in your car by hooking up your mobile to your car radio. Methods for listening with mobile phones are given here

9. Where can I see the Live Webcast of the programmes that happen at Prasanthi Nilayam?

You can watch all the Live Webcasts from the Radio Sai home page itself.

10. How will I know, when a Live Webcast is scheduled?

You will find a notification on the home page of our website about the details of the programme and the approximate time the broadcast is likely to begin. If you are a subscriber to the Sai Inspires mail service you will be notified through the day’s E-mail.

11.Why are there so many breaks in the live webcast? Why am I not able to see it like the other videos on the Radio Sai website?

You might not have the Internet connection of sufficient bandwidth, because of which the live stream pauses often to buffer. For best experience, use a connection that is 1Mbps or above.

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