Volume 10 - Issue 09
September 2012
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Posted on : Sept 18, 2012



- a photo album

As part of Bhagawan's 75th Birthday celebrations, Prashanti Nilayam was the chosen venue of a unique exhibition on Lord Ganesha.  This creative labour of love by a group of devotees from Bangalore coincided with the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration held here in September 2000. This presentation had statues of 751 Ganeshas and it had replicas of Lord Ganesha idols from all over the world; the main figure being that of a Lord Ganesha in the form of Shirdi Sai Baba. There was also another huge statue of Ganapathi within which were 75 small models of Ganesha depicting the life story of this fascinating form of the Lord.

The most striking one of course was the One where Lord Ganesha was depicted as the Sanathana Sarathi, the Eternal Charioteer, riding on a majestic chariot. And this was the one Bhagawan unveiled when He came to inaugurate this exhibition on Sep 1, 2000. In fact Bhagawan had visited this venue, which was a specially erected tubular structure, even before the actual day of inauguration. And the Lord came on the second day too, this time bringing along with Him a few distinguished guests.

Not only that He visited this venue again on the last day, Sep 7, 2000, and this time He wanted one of the organisers to speak about the glory of Lord Ganesha. He insisted that it must be mentioned how Lord Ganesha is the 'Remover of Obstacles' who is invoked in the beginning of every auspicious undertaking.

Fortunately we discovered in our archives a few pictures of that beautiful event. So, do enjoy this photo gallery and think of the all-pervasive Lord Ganesha more!


Ganesha Sarvesha Photo Album

- Team Radio Sai

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