Volume 11 - Issue 01
January 2013
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Posted on : Jan 09, 2013



- a pictorial reminiscence of the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet


Youth is energy, excitement, adventure and exuberance. And education that does not harness positively these innate traits of the young cannot be complete. Bhagawan achieved this through an event that is common in other educational institutions too, but very unique in spirit. It is the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet of the Sri Sathya Sai Institutions. Though the event, in its quality, today is far grander and impressive compared to most other institution's, its specialty goes beyond that.

It is an event that is completely centered around Bhagawan, the primary and solitary motive being, the desire to please Him. Elaborate planning and execution goes into this presentation that involves the time and energy of every member of Bhagawan's educational institutions. And when it is all directed towards the Lord, it is no less auspicious than a mahayagna. The Annual sports and Cultural Meet is a perfect illustration of the role Bhagawan has come to play in each one of our lives - He inspires us to do His work; He guides us as to how to do it; teaches us to offer it to Him; and ultimately accepts the offering and blesses us.

Even as we are about to witness this year's event (11 Jan 2013) join us in this stroll across memory's lane to relive Sports Meets of past years.

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sports meet photo gallery

- Team Radio Sai


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