Volume 11 - Issue 05
May 2013
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Posted on: May 06, 2013

The Enigmatic and InExtricable Bond

Mother Easwaramma and Swami

Mother Easwaramma and Swami

Imagine the life of a mother who is constantly in a state of awe and anxiety; awe because right from His birth her son seems to be doing extraordinary feats – materialising things out of thin air to ordering the rain and wind Gods at His whim and will to daring to advise elders on right conduct who are five times His age! His every act and word is simply a conundrum – a puzzle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma!

And this mother's heart is perennially anxious too because - what if His mysterious powers stop one day? There are already so many jealous of Him, how is He going to save Himself from the sinister designs of this infuriated and influential people who just cannot stand His fame continuing to spread unabated every day? Why is He challenging and correcting the acts of the mighty and powerful? What if they feel insulted and want to trouble Him? Where is all this headed?

Besides, how can He be apathetic to anything material? He never eats! At best He only places a spoonful or two on His palate, and that is done sporadically and scrimpily only to please the people around. How can He survive, and walk and talk?

And He travels a lot! People come and invite Him and take Him to so many unknown places! Everybody wants something from Him... but what is going to happen to His future?

Why cannot He be a 'normal' child like anyone else and lead an ordinary life?.... this is what tormented this mother every single day as she saw her son transform from being her darling Sathya to a distant and distinct Sai Baba.

Mother Easwaramma and Swami

While she wanted her Sathya to become 'ordinary', little did she realise that the Divine had decided to make her life superlatively extraordinary. From being just a doting mother to her son, the Lord had designed to slowly and steadily, shape and expand her golden heart to such an extent that she transformed from being the Blessed Mother of Sai Baba to being adored as the Magnificent Mother of Love and Compassion for whole humanity.

Offered below is the audio download of a discussion on this unique and unparalleled relationship that exists between this Divine Mother and her Divine Son. This was first featured as a Live conversation on the Radio on May 2, 2013 as part of our Thursday Live Programmes from the Radio Sai studios. This was an episode of our Radio series "Outside Inside and Deep Inside".

Let's listen and ruminate on this as we celebrate Easwaramma Day on May 6, like we do every year in her sacred remembrance.


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- Team Radio Sai

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