Volume 12 - Issue 04
April 2014
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Posted on: Apr 24, 2014

his story - story od sri sathya sai baba

When the Perfect One decides to adorn a physical frame, He is born as the Embodiment of Perfection, and every act of His is a message profound, and every event in His life is a chapter in Bhagawatham. Each episode from the childhood days of Bhagawan not only reveals His divinity, but also is a subtle lesson and a building block to the grand message that was to be His life. The Rig Veda declares, 'Atmano mokshartham jagat hitaya cha' - One's actions should lead to the unravelling of one's latent Divinity and at the same time benefit the society. Bhagawan embodied this dictum from His tender years. (Of course His was more the case of revealing than unravelling.)

Starting on this auspicious day of Aradhana Mahotsavam (24 Apr 2014), we will publish a pictorial depiction of the birth and childhood of our sweet 'Sathyam' till the point He announced Himself as our beloved Bhagawan! We hope to run this series right up to the glorious 90th Birthday. We will be sharing a new chapter every fortnight, so look out for a fresh chapter of His Story on the 9th and 21st of every month till Bhagawan's 90th Birthday.

We have been blessed to have read and heard of all these stories, some of them from Bhagawan Himself. This is our humble endeavour to pass on this nectarous story to our children of the present and the future. 


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Illustrations: Esha Narayanan

What do you think about this Pictorial Story? Please let us know by writing in to h2h@radiosai.org. Do not forget to mention your name and country.

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