Volume 12 - Issue 02
February 2014
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Posted on: Feb 27, 2014

An Anglican Priest's Insights on Arunachala Shiva

About two years ago Father Kumeran Soobrayan, an Anglican Priest from South Africa, was on a visit to a few places in India. One of his stops was Tiruvannamalai, the sacred town in which resides the shrine of Lord Arunachaleswara. It is one of the ancient temples of Lord Shiva where He is worshipped as Agni Lingam (the lingam made of fire). Legend has it that aeons ago the Supreme Shiva manifested here as a huge pillar of brilliant light which today is the Annamalai mountain. The moment Father Kumeran sighted this mountain from inside the bus he was traveling in, he was so drawn that he decided to spend the next two years in contemplation and meditation in Tiruvannamalai.

the shrine of Lord Arunachaleswara

This holy town is also known for the serene ashram of Sri Ramana Maharishi who too was drawn to the Annamalai hill a century ago.

After spending a few months in Tiruvannamalai Father Kumeran one day visited Puttaparthi. During this very first trip in June 2013 quite mysteriously he landed in the Radio Sai studio and we recorded an insightful conversation with him on how he beautifully saw the synthesis of Divinity in Lord Shiva, Allah and the Father of Christ. He returned to Prasanthi again in December 2013 and shared his thoughts on the inner significance of the birth story of Jesus. Now we present you his profound thoughts on this universal principle of Lord Shiva and the enlightening lessons we need to draw from the family of Shiva-Shakti.

An Anglican Priest's Experience of Arunachala Shiva - Part - I

An Anglican Priest's Experience of Arunachala Shiva - Part - II


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