Volume 12 - Issue 02
February 2014
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Posted on: March 14, 2014

radiosai wallpaper radiosai wallpaper


Swami often exhorts all to, ‘See Good’. In obedience to this command, Swami’s devotees fill their homes, office desks and even vehicles with pictures of our beloved Bhagawan or any divine form that inspires good thoughts and feelings. One glance at a picture of Swami with a benevolent smile or a deep meaning gaze, can lift our spirits, enthuse and encourage us. But today, the wave of technology has swept into our lives, and our computers, tablets and mobiles have become our windows to the world at large. So it is quite understandable that we would love to adorn the displays of these gadgets too, with images that can inspire in us noble and sublime feelings.

We at Radio Sai are happy to let you all know, that starting this Shivaratri, we will offer to all of you specially made wallpapers for your use. And understandably, the theme for this first batch of wallpapers shall be, the cosmic Lord Shiva and the auspicious Shivaratri. Even as we offer this humble effort of ours at the lotus feet of our Sai Shiva, we hope you enjoy this latest offering from Prasanthi Nilayam.



- Team Radio Sai

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