Volume 12 - Issue 06
June 2014
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Posted on: Jun 18, 2014

Where is Happiness?

The United States Declaration of Independence states that all citizens have guaranteed equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Interestingly, it says 'right to pursuit of happiness' and not 'right to happiness'. That is indeed very wisely worded, for no one can promise to give us happiness, nor can anyone take our happiness away if we choose not to lose it. We all desire to be happy; whatever we do, we do it in pursuit of happiness; but still we forget simple acts that can ensure happiness. Little acts of forgiveness can not just make us happy but will ensure the happiness of the one forgiven too. But yet, we hold on to our grouse like it's our very life. The world is a hall of mirrors it is said. If you are happy, the world will only give you more reasons to be happy. On the other hand an unhappy man finds a million reasons to remain so. For, what goes around comes around!

Happiness can be found in little things but happiness is no little thing itself! That is why Bhagawan declares, 'Happiness is union with God.' If we were to make up our mind that, come what may we will be happy, we will spread happiness, and we will do all actions towards this end, we would be traveling fast in the lane that leads to 'Union with God.' Let us learn to forgive, learn to let go; Let us learn to laugh and let us learn to say, 'it doesn't matter' a bit more often.

We wish to present to you today a video so beautifully produced and presented by one of our volunteers, that portrays these very feelings. We are grateful to brother Aikkyaaksh for choosing to share this wonderful message with all, through Radio Sai. Now sit back and enjoy this video!

Let us leave you with a little food for thought:

At the Core of Every Heart

Many actions with the least of any real intention,
Do we do as we sail through life,
Yes the pleasant ones spring forth joy
And the unpleasant ones sting deep within.

Isn't life only about living happily?
We affect others and many times - ourselves,
Who and what can really affect our being?
When we just decide to be happy!

In a painting that portrays life,
There are strokes feeble and bold,
The artist knows when to give a deep stroke
And when to add a tinge of gold!

Friendship is a twin to understanding,
And a smile is the most efficient bridge,
Forbearance and forgiveness are the foundation,
Happiness, love and joy truly a life enrich.

At the core of every heart,
Shines a vibrant orb of goodness,
To manifest it and live in its graciousness,
Is to truly indeed live!

- Radio Sai Team

What do you think about this Video? Please let us know by writing in to h2h@radiosai.org. Do not forget to mention your name and country.

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