Volume 12 - Issue 11
November 2014
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Posted on: Nov 11, 2014

#GAB2014 – Truly Global Akhanda Bhajan

Even as we revelled in the divine vibrations of the Akhanda Bhajan at Prasanthi Nilayam, pictures and videos of Bhajans happening in different parts of India, and various countries from across the globe started pouring in. Radio Sai's Facebook page, thanks to all of you, witnessed unprecedented reach; same can be said of Radio Sai Instagram and h2h Twitter accounts. It was indeed a beautiful offering from all of us at Bhagawan's lotus feet. For those of our readers who are wondering what we are talking about, a short while before the Global Akhanda Bhajan the Radio Sai Team began a social media initiative. We had invited devotees to share pictures and videos of the Akhanda Bhajan happening in their respective centres, on various social media sites tagging them under the hashtag #GAB2014. Or to send them to us to be posted on our official social media pages. In this page we wish to share a few of those images with all of you.

Even as you go through these images let us inform you about the next two initiatives that are coming up for this month. As much emphasis Swami has laid in Namasmarana, He has laid on Seva too. So how can our celebration of His birthday be complete without Service in His name. We are aware that, to mark this holy Birthday week many devotees are taking part in Seva, in different forms. So we would be glad if you could post pictures of these activities being taken up as individuals or groups to any social media with the tag, #Sailoveinaction. The posts can be of even long running seva projects too. The idea is to spread Swami’s message of selfless service.

The second hashtag initiative, and the most important one is this - On Swami's birthday, we invite you all to post your greetings in the form of pictures or videos to any social media with the hashtag #HappyBirthdaySwami. This could be a message of gratitude, a simple prayer, a birthday wish or how you, your family or centre is celebrating our beloved Bhagawan's Birthday. Please note that this is a Radio Sai Social Media initiative, so please post your images on to these platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or any other you may be using. But remember to do it on 23 November, and to tag your pictures as #HappyBirthdaySwami. This initiative is a humble effort to spread the fragrance of Bhagawan's love and redeeming message in the social media platform. Isn't that what Bhagawan had exhorted all of us to do – Be like the flower that spreads the fragrance of love all around.

Over now to the pictures of the Global Akhanda Bhajan from all over the world. Let us remind you that this is just a selection. To see all pictures posted on the various pages click on the links below:




#GAB2014 – Truly Global Akhanda Bhajan

- Radio Sai Team

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