Volume 12 - Issue 09
Sept 2014
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Posted on: Sept 20, 2014

sharing the bliss of Sai Bhajans


What is that singular facet of Swami's mission that started the moment He declared His avatarhood and continues uninterrupted even after the end of His physical sojourn on earth? What is that one activity that had Baba's involvement all the time in full even to the extent of Him doing it Himself several times in various ways for decades and decades? What is that only sacred spiritual routine that every devotee engaged in whenever and wherever they congregated to see Him and bask in His teachings? What is the most significant prescription that He delivered to mankind as a panacea for man's pitfalls and prejudices, conflicts and confusions, worries and anxieties?

It happened more than three scores and ten years ago when the little 14-year old Sathya on one fine morning in October 1940 in a trice gave up His earthly home, untied His worldly connections, distanced from His physical relationships, and declared to the world: “I am Sai... My devotees are calling Me... I have My work.”

And how did He do this announcement? He went to a garden, sat on a rock and sang:

Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam

Dustara Bhava Sagara Tharanam...

It began not with a mantra, a lecture, a poem or a message, but with a song – a song reminding us to lay ourself at the lotus feet of the Supreme Preceptor in absolute surrender so that He could fill our lives with peace and bliss. Lord Krishna too decided to impart the most profound doctrines for man's salvation through a celestial song, the Bhagavad Gita.

Bhajan is our gateway to great bliss. It is not surprising therefore that the Divine Master chose this medium to mark the milestone moment of His Avataric Mission. It is no wonder therefore that today Bhajan singing has spiralled into a spellbinding global phenomenon uniting people, transforming hearts, purifying souls, sanctifying lives, and most important, conferring the highest experience of being one with the Divine.

As we await eagerly to celebrate that landmark day – Avatar Declaration Day on October 20, to make this occasion special, this year we request all bhajan enthusiasts and bhajan lovers to participate in a new endeavour and share with us the joy of singing and composing Sai bhajans.

Guidelines for Your Submissions:

  1. 1. You can send us any one of your original compositions; the bhajan can be dedicated to any deity, set to any rhythm or raga, and be in preferably Sanskrit, Hindi or English.

  1. 2. We would appreciate if you could also write to us the inspiration behind the new melody, that is, what prompted you to come out with this new bhajan.

  1. 3. We would definitely need not just the lyrics but the tune. So please sing it or have it sung by someone and send us the audio track.

  1. 4. You can send the files to h2h@radiosai.org with the subject as “Bhajan Bliss”. It should reach us latest by October 13, 2014. Please do not forget to mention your name and country.

What Are We Going to do with Your Melodies?

  1. 5. We will make a card and a CD of your offerings and place it at the Divine Sannidhi of the Lord on the morning of Avatar Declaration Day, 2014.

  1. 6. The best submissions as decided by our panel of judges will receive a certificate and surprise gifts from Radio Sai.

  1. 7. The commendable entries will also be posted on our website and played on Asia Stream during our Thursday Live programs.

So go on, pray to the Divine Mother as Dasara draws near to fill you with sacred feelings so that you can give them expression through His music.

Life truly is a lovely song, let's relish its every tone and tune, note and beat.

Lovingly in His Service
- Radio Sai Team

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