Volume 11 - Issue 01
january 2013
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Posted on: Feb 16, 2015

Shiva Bhajan Medley

- An audio offering

When Swami was barely 8 or 9 years old He collected His classmates and a few others and formed the Pandari Bhajan Group. This ebullient troupe of teenagers danced in devotion and glee in the hamlet of Puttaparthi. Not only were the souls of all who witnessed this overflowed with joy, their bodies were healed too! When the epidemic cholera arrived and caused catastrophe in so many villages around, it just could not enter this sacred settlement. That is how powerful were the vibrations created by Swami's little group. And we saw a glorious magnification of this ecstatic feeling whenever in the later years we heard Swami lead a bhajan and the multitude joining Him in superlative joy. And in the process they became oblivious to everything around and lost their body, mind and heart in it completely. It was no more a bhajan, it became a supremely sanctifying sadhana. That is how bhajans should be, Swami has demonstrated it to us time and again. To perhaps help us engage in this holy endeavour in an uninterrupted manner is why Bhagawan encouraged all of us to do an Akhanda 12-hour Bhajan every Shivarathri.

We in Radio Sai decided to take this opportunity to make an offering of a compact Akhanda Bhajan and pack it with the same vibrancy, energy and sublimity, and thus emerged a Shiva Bhajans Medley.

As you click the play button below, please close your eyes, picturise the Mystical Sai Shiva in your mind's eye and let the love stored in your heart just flow to Him... uninterrupted.

Download the Bhajan Medley





Thank you and loving Sai Ram,
Team Radio Sai


What are your impressions about the Audio Offering? Please let us know by writing in to h2h@radiosai.org or you may leave your thoughts in the comments section. Do not forget to mention your name and country.

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- Radio Sai Team

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