Volume 13 - Issue 01
january 2015
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Posted on: Feb 07, 2015

radio sai Caption Contest

If the environment in the world outside today is becoming increasingly WI-FI, the ambience in the Sathya Sai Hostels always has been the same – Sai-fi! Yes, every now and then there would be events and occasions which will only take students to a new Sai-high! There would be competitions with a beautiful Sai-slant. It's time now to take these beautiful ideas out of the four corners of the hostel to the four corners of the globe, and that is why we have for you for the first time “Radio Sai Caption Contest.”

Many years ago there was a photo of Swami sipping tender coconut water and in the competition that was held in the hostel, one boy captioned it as 'Even the ocean sometimes feels thirsty!' So, you probably get the drift... we have ten pictures for you to meditate upon and pen down your powerful thoughts. Just ensure:

1. They do not cross more than 200 characters. One or two lines is good enough.

2. You can caption as many pictures as you want. It can be one or two or three... if you can do for all ten, that would be the best.

3. Your entries should reach us by February 23, 2015.

We will announce the results of the contest on March 7, 2015. The commendable entries will of course be specially displayed on our website and also receive custom-made “Radio Sai 90th Birthday Gifts”.

Actually more than the prizes or the praises, just the joy of looking at these classic snaps and relishing them in our minds again and again is itself the most elevating reward, isn't it? Take a look below, you will love it!

- Radio Sai Team

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