Volume 11 - Issue 01
january 2013
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Posted on: Mar 05, 2015

90th Birthday Audio Theme

Special 90th Birthday Audio Theme

Time is like a stream of endless flow. Little splashes of pleasure and pain are lost in its constant gushing. But even in that wearisome eternity, there are moments of exquisite joy and excitement that warrant a hearty celebration. We are at the threshold of one such momentous occasion. And what is a celebration without a celebratory music. To commemorate the 90 years of the advent of our most beloved Bhagawan, Team Radio Sai is excited and pleased to humbly offer at His lotus feet, the theme music for this grand occasion.

Dearest Swami, You entered our lives and made a melody out of its monotony, rhythm out of the rigmarole and a beautiful symphony out of its sombreness. We capture in this theme that joyous cry that springs forth from our hearts when we close our eyes and think of You... please accept it Swami!

* Special 90th Birthday Audio Main Theme

1. Special 90th Birthday Audio Theme (Version 1)


2. Special 90th Birthday Audio Theme (Version 2)



3. Special 90th Birthday Audio Theme (Version 3)


- Radio Sai Team

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