Volume 11 - Issue 01
january 2013
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Posted on: Mar 21, 2015

Radio Sai Bhajan Classroom

Bhajan - Raghukula Bhushana Rajiva Nayana

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Radio Sai Bhajan Classroom is a weekly Live program on Radio Sai featured every Thursday wherein all aspects of one selected Sai bhajan are dealt with comprehensively.

Raghukula Bhushana Rajiva Nayana

1. Raghukula Bhushana Rajiva Nayana

O Lord Rama! The crest jewel of the Raghu clan! You are the Most Beautiful One with lotus eyes!.

2. Eswaramba Nandana Satya Sai Rama

O Lord Sai Rama! You are the Embodiment of Truth, the same Rama come again as the darling son of Mother Easwaramma!

3. Janaki Vallabha Lavanya Rama

O Lord Rama, the One whose consort is Mother Sita! You are the Most Beatific One who is the Master of Nature!

4. Nirupama Sundara Sugunabhi Rama

O the Incredibly Beautiful One! Lord Rama, the Storehouse of Excellent Virtues!

5. Prasanthi Nilaya Pavana Dhama

O Lord Sai Rama! You chose Prasanthi Nilayam as Your Divine Abode and made it most auspicious by Your Divine touch!

6. Jaya Jaya Rama Prabhu Sai Rama – 2 variations

Victory to Lord Rama! Victory to Lord Sai Rama!



Bhajan Notation

Raga: Madhuvanti (Hindustani), Dharmavati (Carnatic)

Shruti - C# pancham

Beat (Tala): Keherwa or Adi Taalam - 8 Beat



ALL WHITE KEYS - S R G m P D N ( only 'm' is white key)
ALL BLACK KEYS - r g M d n ( ' M' is black key)

LOWER OCTAVE -  Apostrophe before the note ( 'N)
UPPER OCTAVE -   Apostrophe after the note (S')
Bhajan Theka
Dhin - na dhin - Dhin Dhina - Tin -Na Dhin - Dhin Dhina -
1st line
Raghukula Bhushana             Rajiva Nayana
S - R - P - M P - P - P             MPDNS' N-D PMDPG - -
2nd line
Eswaramba Nandana                 Satya Sai Rama

G G R S R - - S D           D S G R SR - - S

3rd line
Janaki Vallabha             Lavanya Rama
P M PG - G   R G R G S S           S R G P M D - D -
4th line
Nirupama Sundara             Sugunabhi Rama
R M D N - - R - NDP         P G - D - - P P - P
5th line
Prasanthi Nilaya                               Paavana Dhaamaa
S' - N S' R' G' R' - G' - G'               R' G' S' S' S' - - N
6th line
Jaya Jaya Rama          Prabhu Sai Rama
N R'       D D D - P M               M - - - N - - P P P

Bhajan Conversation: Excerpts of conversation with Mr. Sonam Gyamtso, a former student of Baba's University.


What are your impressions about this Tutor? Please let us know by writing in to h2h@radiosai.org or you may leave your thoughts in the comments section. Do not forget to mention your name and country.


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