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MAY 2015
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Posted on: May 13, 2015

Sathya Sai Speaks - 90th Birthday Special

See the Real Hidden Behind the Unreal – Part 2

19 November 1975

When the Lord comes in our midst there are two important aspects to His descent that stand out among others. One is His powerful and enchanting presence, which has the potency to transform and raise all who comes to Him. Everyone who comes to Him benefits, some considerably and few immensely, depending on one’s receptiveness. The other aspect is the message that He brings, and this has some unique benefits of its own. Adherence to the message has the power to manifest the Lord in one’s life. A tryst with Divinity could be a blessing for good acts of the past, but it is in loyalty to the message that one completely benefits and finds redemption, and also a means to express one's devotion to the Lord. So it is indeed of paramount importance for each of us to dwell on His message.

As part of the 90th Birthday offerings, we will begin every month from with excerpts of a discourse from the Golden Jubilee Birthday Celebrations of Bhagawan. During the grand 50th Birthday celebrations, Baba gave discourses specific to the Seva wing and the Bal Vikas wing, apart from discourses revealing His own message and mission. The excerpts presented below are from the discourse Baba gave on 19 Nov 1975. This is the second part of the article published last month, with more clips from the same discourse. Let us listen and re-listen, read and re-read even as we imbibe the essence contained.

Last month, we journeyed in part along with Bhagawan's discourse on the 19th of November. There, He made it clear that what appears to be the Truth and what is the Truth are totally different. It is only a person of wisdom who will be able to see beyond the external differences, at the inherent Oneness. Those that see only differences are ignoramuses even if they are 'scientists' by profession. One's refusal to see the oneness in creation has far-reaching implications and consequences. It is what has led to the present day catastrophes of man being in disharmony with society and nature. In the similar manner, Swami explains, Man's denial of God also has far-reaching implications and consequences.


Truly, if anyone says that the God does not exist it means he is asserting that these small particles have no power or energy in them. Our ancestors regarded this inherent, latent primordial Shakti, which is the basis of all these particles as God Himself. Even the moon being a conglomeration of these divine particles was considered by our ancestors as equivalent to God. Having carried out many investigations, having understood and come to the conclusion that the entire world is filled with these particles, if the scientist were to declare that these particles are here but not there, you can imagine their ignorance! In order to promote their individual glory, and their individual ego, all these scientists have been propagating such things and by doing such propagation of untruth and in order to push their individual glory forward, they are only deceiving the world. These scientists do not give the truth. Any scientist if he is willing to accept that there is no fundamental and ultimate particle, that person will be entitled to say that there is no God.

The discovery of fractals has given us better understanding of the statement Anoraneeyan Mahatomaheeyan (God is smaller than the smallest; bigger than the biggest). Fractals are never-ending, repetitive patterns. You can produce one by turning a camera to a screen instead of facing it away, outwards. You then get a screen within a screen within a screen... unto infinity. Each screen, even the tiniest one that we can make out, contains 'infinite screens'. Isn't this 'video feedback' a beautiful example of the biggest and smallest being equal, the same? That is how God is - the ‘One’ that is the biggest and the smallest at the same time! Multiplicity is not the Truth. It is just an illusive alternate reality of the ignorant.


It is in this context that Adi Shankara said, 'Brahma Satyam Jagat mithya' - Brahman or God is the Truth and the world is a mithya (unreal or illusory), he did not say that the world is asathyam or false. This means that all the unreal subatomic energy (anushakti) emerge from the true Primordial Energy and again merge back into it. Examining the same from another perspective, some expressed, 'Sarvam Vishnu Mayam Jagat'- Everything in this world is suffused with Divinity (Vishnu). The lights which you see here are only temporary. But the electricity in the main switch is present always. So the glow of the lightbulbs is due to the electricity that comes from the main switch or the source, and not because of something that comes forth from the bulb itself. In the same manner, the effulgence seen in the sub atomic energy (anushakti) has as its source the primordial, divine energy, which is the very basis. They do not exist independently. This individuality has no value without the collective source. This is the reason why it is essential that one should not regard life as an individual existence, rather see oneself as a part of the whole. Merely on the basis of the body we are claiming individuality. But this body is similar to that lightbulb. This body appears lively only because of the Atma present within. Without acknowledging the Source or energy within, which is the basis, we place our belief on this body which is a container and we thereby waste our lives. This is the essence of the Advaita philosophy that states all are one. The same Advaitic thought was expressed in the Bible too when Christ said, "All are one my dear son, be alike to everyone."

The finger is part of the palm which is, in turn, part of the arm. The arm is part of the body. Hurting the finger equals hurting the body and vice-versa. This is the hierarchy that exists between an individual, the society, nature and God too. The cosmic form of the Lord encompasses the entire universe. While Swami strongly stresses on every part of the whole containing the power of God, He also cautions against forgetting the fact that every part has to play its part! The sum of parts becomes greater than the whole when each part realizes that it contains the whole! The words sound a bit confusing right? It is best to listen to Swami explain the same. It is bound to thrill our hearts and give us insights into the road ahead for the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation.


To inculcate and promote this truth in this spiritual organisation, and ensure that people in the Sathya Sai Organisations work with this mutual love, without differences, like a family of brothers and sisters we have established this organisation. This is the inner meaning of bringing together the different units like Sathya Sai Samithi, Mahila vibhag and Balvikas under one organisation. All these groups are connected with each other in an inseparable manner. They are like the fingers of one single hand. The hand and the fingers are separate in no way. Sometimes the fingers get cut and separated from the hand. We cannot do any work with a finger that has got cut off from the hand. For a finger to get separated from a hand and then argue with the hand, "Get me to do your work", would be meaningless! It is only when all these branches of the organisation have their relation to the centre like the relation of these fingers to the hand, we will be able to achieve our purpose. Hence it is very necessary for us to recognise the close relationship that exists between the various wings and the Organisation.

We can experience this happiness in a small way here. The entire world, people from different countries have gathered inside this auditorium. Your countries may be different, but our auditorium is the same. How easy it has been to bring such a large world into this auditorium and contain it in here? Thus such a large world has taken a small shape and form. In the same manner if the mutual affection and love can be propagated among all, God will appear to you as a small tiny Being. When we refer to God as the one with a universal form (Viswa Virat Swaroopa), what do we truly mean? The inner meaning is that the entire visible world is the very manifestation of God. When His form is the Universe, how can all that we see in the world be anything but a part or limb of God? So for us to recognise these subtle truths, to expand our hearts and to give us an opportunity to spread that love, the Sathya Sai Organisations have been set up.

Swami puts forth the most complicated concepts via analogies and examples that everyone can understand and appreciate. By now, surely we understand better, what Swami means when He says,

"There is only one caste; the caste of Humanity.

There is only one religion; the religion of Love

There is only one language; the language of the heart.

There is only one God; He is omnipresent."

This saying finds its fulfilment in Prasanthi Nilayam and any other place where everyone comes together in the spirit of the brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God. Swami picks Prasanthi Nilayam and elucidates further.


People who have gathered here are putting up with innumerable difficulties and discomforts. If one were to ask who are the true devotees, they are verily these that are staying in small tents outside putting up with all inconveniences and difficulties even though they are used to comfortable living, only to partake of the Swami's bliss. The truth that one can get immortality only by sacrifice (TyagEnaike amrutatva manasuh) is clearly evident through this. Because you were prepared to sacrifice material and physical comforts and all other forms of happiness for the sake of experiencing Atmananda (the bliss of the Self), you are able to experience this bliss now. Among so many people gathered here, even if a small number of you are able to take a strong resolve to be firm, very soon we will be able to transform the future of this country by resuscitating and establishing the old traditions and culture; and we will become individuals who are able to enjoy that. Embodiments of love! You do not have to worry, be it our country or the entire world, good and auspicious days are due to come very soon. Very soon we are going to re-establish this sacred culture too. The Vedic dharma too is going to be established very soon. Hence I desire that you all should take an oath that in the effort to achieve this, you will transform yourself into an impregnable force that will forge ahead without being deterred by difficulties, obstacles or pains. So do not waste your time with small doubts; I'm prepared to remove all doubts from your minds tomorrow and also explain the intricacies of this organisation. Wishing and blessing that you should march ahead, without giving scope to any doubts and hesitations, with the courage and adventurism that you have to experience the bliss of oneness, I bring My discourse to a close.

Ultimately, it boils down to sacrifice. But this is not the 'sacrifice' that usually comes to mind. It is absolutely selfless - as selfless as the hand that rushes to the aid of the leg that has been pricked by a thorn. The hand does it not because it wants to be selfless or because it wants to serve. It does it spontaneously because it recognises the Truth that the leg too is part of itself! When Swami puts it so simply, who will not be inspired to do it? The greatest reinforcement and assurance comes from the poem that Bhagawan chose to open this discourse with. It is full of profundity and promise.


Whichever country you go, it is this name that is chanted;

the name Sathya Sai is constantly repeated.

Whichever village you go to, it is this name that is chanted;

the name Sathya Sai is constantly contemplated upon.

Listen to the words that come from anyone, it is this very name;

The true contemplation of the name, 'Sai Ram'.

Wherever you see, it is this scene alone;

the constant singing of Sathya Sai Bhajans.

He is the refuge of the devotees who are spread across the globe.

He is that powerful One who grants devotion and also protects;

That Dweller of Parthi, will He not look after you?

- Radio Sai Team

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