Volume 13 - Issue 11
November 2015
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Posted on: Nov 17, 2015

This was our first ever Painting/Sketching competition and the response has been overwhelming to say the least. The innocence and purity packed in the drawings of little ones on the theme of 'Friendship' or the masterly talent interlaced with magnificent ideas by teenagers on the topic 'Dreams' or the superlative conceptualisation giving itself to spellbinding creativity by the experienced lot on the subject 'Reality', each effort has been simply superb.

In fact Radio Sai team is grateful to each of the participants for so enthusiastically creating these beautiful pieces from their heart. Ideally we would like to meet all of you individually and personally thank you for making this competition a beautiful experience for all of us.

Our panel of judges really had a tough time finalising the winners. That is one of the reasons for the delay in announcing the results. We are sure you will enjoy seeing these commendable submissions. May this inspire us to treat every little talent we have as His gift and propel us to offer this talent back to Him as our gift in as beautiful a manner as it is possible for each one of us.


Age Group: Below 15 Years

1st Place

Saesha Mathur, Mumbai, India

2nd Place

Satya Savith, India

3rd Place (01)

Deepak Sai Kumar, Kerala, India

3rd Place (02)

K.R.Sreedharshini, Tamilnadu, India

commendable entries

Dharun Krishna, Tamilnadu, India Hemant, Tamilnadu, India V. Saravanan, Tamilnadu, India
M. Sneha, India K. A. Vigneshwaran, Tamilnadu, India Raaga Srimadh Bhagavatam, Austin, USA
P. Meghana, Andhra Pradesh, India P. Pavan Kumar, Andhra Pradesh, India Putu Ramakrishna, Indonesia
V. R. Vikram, Tamilnadu, India

theme - dreams

Age Group: 15 to 25 Years

1st Place (01)

Dwarku Vishnuaduth Kumar (Avinash), Mauritius

1st Place (02)

Rohit Gupta, New Delhi, India

2nd Place (01)

Pragyan Paramita Nanda, India

2nd Place (02)

Sajal Kumar, India

3rd Place

Aditya Moktan Tamang, India

commendable entries

Aditya Moktan Tamang, India Rohini, Chennai, India Rohit Gupta, New Delhi, India
S. Gayathri, India Sures Kumar, Indonesia Vibhuti Jaiswal, India
S. Padmini, USA

theme - reality

Age Group: 26 Years and above

1st Place (01)

Afsaneh Dehbozorgi, USA

1st Place (02)

R. Kouwshigan, Sri Lanka

2nd Place (01)

Vidhi S. Bhojwani, India

2nd Place (02)

Kamini Duggal, USA

3rd Place (01)

Fernando Amilius Fluixa, Argentina

3rd place (02)

SriVidya Sridhar, India

commendable entries

Caroline Proctor, Melbourne, Australia Caroline Proctor, Melbourne, Australia Fernando Amilius Fluixa, Argentina
Fernando Amilius Fluixa, Argentina Asha Nigam, USA Kamini Duggal, USA
R. Kouwshigan, Sri Lanka Neetu Mehta, Puttaparthi, India A. Pavani, Connecticut, USA
Pushpa Sai Kumar, Kerala, India

- Team Radio Sai

What do you think about this Contest? Please let us know by writing in to [email protected]. Do not forget to mention your name and country.

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