Volume 13 - Issue 10
October 2015
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Posted on: Jan 07, 2016

"Music is a moral law," someone said, "It supplies a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to life and life to everything." Perhaps among all arts, music has that great power and potentiality to take us away effortlessly, effectively, immediately and fully from the humdrum of the mundane to the unbounded and effervescent freedom of the spirit.

In fact our ancients recognised this almost at the dawn of our history. That is why after they extolled the Gods in poetic hymns called Riks, they soon moved over to rhythmic melodies by fitting the Riks to different tunes and began singing the Sama Veda to propitiate the divine.

The exemplary poet-saint Tyagaraja, in one of his compositions says, “Human life is the greatest of all lives, and there is none happier than the one who with flawless and tuneful music ceaselessly sings the Lord's name.” In fact in his kirtana, 'Nama kusumamulache' he asks us to place the Supreme Lord on the bejewelled pedestal of nada and swara (musical sounds and notes) and worship His feet with the flowers of His names.

Mere music bereft of devotion, he cautions, is not only immaterial and unworthy, but also degrading and detrimental to music as well as the musician. In, 'Rama Ni pate pata', unmistakably he says, “The only song worthy of the name is what is surely in praise of the Lord.”

Innumerable are the occasions when we have heard Bhagawan Himself sing this song with so much zeal and ecstatic energy. Perhaps only to instil in us this profound message on the purpose of music so melodiously conveyed in this lyrical phrase.

Tyagaraja, however, does not stop with this. In the song, 'Swara raga sudha rasa' he goes on to say: “Devotion combined with the rasa of swara and raga is itself heaven and salvation.” Further, in his song, 'Sitavara' he earnestly prays to the Lord that he may be blessed with the knowledge of music so that he might attain the state of Jivan Mukti - the ultimate goal of every seeker.

And he indeed attained the ultimate ‘Ultimate' through this Nadopasana (worship through music). In fact so compellingly he captured the Lord's heart through this unique sadhana that centuries later when the same Lord Rama came down again as Sai Rama, the very mention of Tyagaraja would emotionally electrify His divine physical being. This indeed was a real, visible and indelible illustration of what music can do.

It is not only Tyagaraja. For every Tyagaraja and Meera we read about, there are hundreds of such souls who have indeed tasted communion with the consciousness through the conduit of music. In fact it happens in bits and parts, maybe in lower intensities but with absolute surety in the lives of so many who have taken to music to communicate with their Divine Beloved.

And we at Radio Sai wished to collect, collate and share these devotional outpourings to one and all. And it was in that context we announced the Song Festival a couple of months ago. And as our experience has been with every such initiative in the past, the response was overwhelming. We received about 70 entries in all and each one was a beautiful expression of deep love.

As the pictures above show, just before the New Year we offered these to Bhagawan in the Sai Kulwant Hall. To share with all of you we have chosen 18 of them that really stood out. These are in different languages and styles, and we must say, they are a perfect sample of the rich variety we received. It was indeed a heart warming feeling to hear Swami, the ruler of our hearts, being praised in so many languages and styles of music, each one of them so suffused with pure devotion. We thank each one of you, dear participants, for sharing with us the melodies of your heart. 

Song: Dheenavatsala Hey Partheesha

Shyam KM
Dubai, UAE


Song: Bhoolenge kaise pal

Mayank Rishi, Anamika, Ram Krishna
Hyderabad, India


Song: Main to chal rahi hoon parthi dhaam re

Dr. Bhavya Naithani Dube


Song: Pelo bem que me fizestes dhanyavad, Sai Baba (Portugese)

Márcia Valéria de Nazareth Athias Salame



Song: Dil bas kahe... chalu teri aor

Amrit V


Song: How do I feel when I see You walk by

Meryl Ennis
Colarado, USA



Song: Time After Time

Shiva Shiri Chandiran, Gokulan Karunasaladeva, Saieesh Shanmugarajah, Nishevitha Shanmugarajah and Sudhagar Sivabalan



Song: Akhiyan dhunde tujhe subha aur sham

Namrata Pokhrel


Baba, Tu ouvres moncoeur (Baba, You Open My Heart)

Isabelle Aubier


Song: Aao mere Sai Aao

Sai Abhishek Raj
New Delhi, India

Song: Hara Hara Shankara Parthipureeshwara

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi

Song: Karunai kadal

Shri. Krishna Rao
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Song: Dhimikita dhimikita deva vaa

Bangalore, India

Song: Ramanai Krishnanai

R. S. Balasubramaniam
Salem, Tamilnadu, India

Song: Sarvantaryaami Shree Satya Sai

Swetha Sundar
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Song: Sharanam endru adainthom

Jayashree & Banu Priya
Madurai, Tamilnadu, India

Song: Shringara Rupa Devi Mata Maheswari

Aishwarya Ramachandran
Jamnagar, Gujarat, India


Song: Vidya Dayaka Hey Shuba Dayaka

Mr. R Gopal
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India


- Radio Sai Team

What are your impressions about the Initiative? Please let us know by writing in to h2h@radiosai.org or you may leave your thoughts in the comments section. Do not forget to mention your name and country.

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