Volume 14 - Issue 01
January 2016
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Posted on: Jan 19, 2016


Surrender to the Universe to Experience Miracles

By Mr. Dino Daswani

A Certified Master Life and Business Success Coach, Mr. Dino Daswani derives great joy in empowering others. He has a Master's degree in Leading Innovation and Change from York St. John University (UK), and incorporates Pranic Healing and Hypnotic NLP in his coaching. Over the years he has experienced the love of Sai in mysterious ways. He regularly shares his thoughts and ideas through his blog: blissperience.com


This article is reproduced with permission from the book, ‘Sathya Sai - The Supreme Master.’ It is a compilation of 90 articles brought out by the Sri Prasanthi Society, Hyderabad. Contributions are from eminent devotees, office bearers of the organisation, youth and Sai Students. The book is a special offering to comemorate the grand occasion of Bhagawan’s 90th Birthday.

The Sri Prasanthi Society was established by few devotees of Bhagawan, with His blessings, in the city of Hyderabad in the year 1985. The Society endeavours to spread Bhagawan’s message of Universal Love and goodness through publications, special symposia for students, teachers and doctors on human values, and by conducting regular medical camps.

Sathya Sai - The Supreme Master

In the material world, the act of surrender is usually considered as a weakness. One country surrenders to another, or a leader surrenders to another. But unfortunately, this happens by force. However, surrender on a spiritual level is a completely different proposition.

In 2009, when I lost partial vision, I was completely devastated and extremely angry at the Universe. After all, why did I lose my vision? I was a good human being, I had always helped people, healed people, and I was even a vegetarian. I considered myself a soldier of God, a light worker, and this was how God repaid me, by taking away my vision, and I felt betrayed by the Universe.

However, when we are in such a state of confusion and anger, it’s very difficult to hear the response of the Universe. Was the Universe feeling sorry for me, was it trying to empower me, or was it laughing at my pain, I could not figure this out.

But, of course, we all know that when we ask the Universe a question, it is compelled to answer. And the Universe did just that. As I sat at the eye doctor’s office one morning, the doctor said to me, “I can perform another surgery on your eye; it would be great because I can make more money from you, but the fact is that your vision will not improve”. I responded to him saying that I was willing to pay him even a million dollars if he could help me recover my vision. It was at this time, I gained one of the greatest insights – and it was that all my money, status, or even relationships could not bring me out of this situation. I had no choice; I had to surrender to the Universe. Little did I know at that time, that this was the best decision I had ever made in my life.

It was from that day onwards that mysterious divine miracles started occurring in my life. Miracles in my waking state, as well as divine messages in my dreams, including visions of the future. It was mystical and unbelievable, and even though I have shared some of these mystical happenings with friends and family, there are many that I choose not to discuss because they’re unbelievable.

How Surrender Works

So, what really happens when we surrender to the Universe?


Grace – Grace is this force that all of us have experienced, but none of us can explain. Some consider it as good luck, others consider it as God answering their prayers, or even angels aligning situations in their favour. It could be one, or all of these explanations. In addition, many of us consider these acts of grace as miracles, because they don’t happen frequently and we cannot explain them. However, based on my personal experience, grace is always available, but many of us are not receptive to it.

After I surrendered to the Universe, I suddenly became super receptive to grace. According to me, grace is more powerful than any of my possessions or relationships.

For example, it did not matter how much I was ready to pay to “buy” my vision back, it was not possible. Nor could any of my influential friends help me in any way. At that time grace was the only force that could help me. This grace came to me in the form of wisdom, strength, mental clarity, as well as aligning the right people and situations in my life.

Grace is like a wildcard, it comes to use in situations when you are completely helpless, or you have surrendered. Today, grace is the most important thing in my life. I would rather work to earn grace, than to earn money, because as I mentioned grace has more value than money.

Grace is also like sunshine, shining upon everyone equally. It is up to us as to how much sunshine or grace we would like to absorb. Just the way we use an umbrella to shade ourselves from the sunlight or use sun block, in the same manner we block grace from being showered upon us.

So, now the question is – how do we become receptive to grace?

As many of you may be thinking, all you have to do is be a good person, isn’t it? No, that’s not the answer. As I mentioned, grace is like sunshine, it shines on everyone no matter how good or bad your intentions are. Although, it does help to have good intentions because that is related to the law of cause and effect (karma).

To be receptive to grace is very easy, simply surrender to the universe and remove your resistance. When you surrender, you give up control, and believe that everything is happening through divine will, and “there are NO mistakes in your life”. Once you believe this, you will not complain about the present moment, your mind will not regret the past, nor have any anxiety about the future. You will also believe that because you have surrendered every situation is a gift from the Universe. Ultimately, these two beliefs will clear all the stress from your body, as well as quiet your mind.

As I conclude, I would like to share a quick example of this belief. Most people would consider my situation (low-vision) as a tragedy. But, after I surrendered, I realized that it is more of a gift. I have gained such profound experiences in the past 6 years, that if I had a choice I would maintain the low-vision, simply for my consciousness to keep expanding, as well as actually feeling and “recognizing” the grace in my life. Whenever I do feel low or helpless, I ask myself, is it better to walk alone in the light, or walk with the Divine in the dark?

I invite you to ask yourself this question whenever you are facing challenges of any sort. I’m sure that you will choose to face your challenge with the support of the Universe (Divine) than to not have any challenges and maintain your consciousness at the same level.

Finally, once you surrender, you give the Universe an opportunity to work through you. You become the instrument, and the Universe plays its music through you. Honestly, this is how I operate and continuously inspire people. I am not saying this to impress you, but to simply express to you the power of Surrender and Grace.

Once again, I invite you to clear your resistance by surrendering to the Universe and becoming open to grace. Very soon the Universe will start to play its music through you, and you will start experiencing miracles.


- Radio Sai Team

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