Volume 14 - Issue 07
July 2016
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Posted on: July 21, 2016

Radio Sai Special Audio Presentation

Song: man tarpat harī darśan ko āj


The Lord was once asked, what relationship must ours be best described as? That of a Master and disciple, replied the Lord. For there is no reason or season for the bond that exists. Guru is the dispeller of darkness, the light whose radiance we seek to enlighten the path. The Guru shines forth selflessly so that we may walk our path boldly, so as to not stumble over the peaks and slip at the troughs.

Then there comes a time when the disciple turns to the Guru, and seeks the Guru Himself. The seeking has to be earnest, the restlessness of yearning irrepressible. It is only then that the effulgence of His grace turns to reveal His own truth; the truth that the Guru without was a mere reflection of the Guru within. The Truth that Guru is Hari, and Hari alone is the Guru.

Lyrics & Meaning:

man tarpat harī darśan ko āj
morē tum bin bigrē sagarē kāj
ō binati karat hūn rakhiyōn lāj

My heart pines for the sight of Hari this day
Oh beloved, without Thee even the simplest goes awry
I plead, keep Thee my honour (by answering my prayer).

tumharē dwār kā main hūn jōgī
humrī aur nazar kab hōgī
sunō morē vyākul man kā bāj

I am a seeker of Thy doorway,
When will Thy looks come upon me?
Hear, O Beloved, the pleas of the restless heart.

bin guru gyān kahān sē pāun
dījo dān harī gun gāun
sab guṇī jan pē tumharā rāj

Without Guru, wherefrom wisdom do I obtain?
Grant me the boon of singing Thy praises,
On all the learned Thy sovereignty reigns.

man harī darśan ko āj
gurudēv gurudēv
gurudēv gurudēv


Vocal: Mr. S. Ravi Kumar
Violin: Mr. Yadlesh Raikar
Tabla: Mr. Rupak M Desai
Harmonium: Mr. Sathya Sugavanam
Narration: Mr. Ameya Deshpande
Chorus: Sri Sathya Sai International Youth
The original sound track 'Man Tarpat' is from the Old Hindi movie 'Baiju Bawra' released in 1952.

Radio Sai Team

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