Volume 14 - Issue 06
June 2016
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Posted on: June 09, 2016

Radha's final plea

Radio Sai Special Audio Presentation


Lyrics & Meaning:

pāṭa pāḍumā kṛṣṇa paluku tēnē lolukunaṭula
Play for me a song O Krishna, like flowing honey

māṭalāḍumā mukunda manasu tīragā
Speak with me O Mukunda, to the Heart's content

vēdasāramanta tīsi nādabrahmamuganu mārci
vēṇuvandu tirugabōsi gānarūpamuganu mārci    (pāṭa pāḍumā...)

Drawing all the essence of the Vedas, and transmuting it to Sound divine;
Pouring it then through the flute, and transforming it into a melody

Play for me that song O Krishna, like flowing honey 


With Introduction in English


The incessant flow of worship to Krishna, was Radha’s very life.

In thoughts of Krishna she was forever lost. His form danced before her eyes every moment, wakeful and dream.

The blue hues of the gurgling Yamuna reminded her of Krishna’s charming complexion;

The merry chirping of birds, stirred in her, memories of Krishna’s mischievous chuckles.

In Brindavan, when Krishna would play upon His flute, her days passed like moments. Filling every moment with that memory, she spent her days.

All that stood between Krishna and Radha’s union was her mortal frame. The day finally came, when even that would seamlessly slip away. 

With Introduction in telugu



As Bhagawan would explain, that the incessant flow of worship to Krishna, was the very basis of Radha’s life; Radha always chanted Krishna’s name and meditated upon His form;

In the gushing waters of Yamuna, all that appeared to her was the reflection of the deep blue complexioned Krishna.

In the merry chirping of birds flying in the sky, all that she heard was the mischievous chuckles of that Stealer of hearts.

As she recollected once more those scenes from Brindavan, when she spent days like moments listening to the sweet and enchanting melody of Krishna’s flute;

Her mind became restless and pined to shed her life, listening one more time, just one more time, to that divine music from the flute of that Stealer of hearts, which confers auspiciousness on the whole world.




Vocals:  Ms. Niranjana Mahalingam

Music Arrangement: Mr. Anirudh S

Flute: Mr. Ravi Teja

Narration: Mr. Srinivasulu (Telugu), Mr. Siddhartha Raju (English)

Mixed & Mastered: Mr. Sai Shravanam, Resound India Studios, Chennai & Mr. Anirudh S, Radio Sai

This audio offering is inspired by Swami’s many reminiscences of Radha’s devotion. We present for your listening pleasure two discourse clips where Swami talks about this song and Radha’s final moments.

Divine Disourse on 03 06 1976 (Summer Course) - Download
Divine Disourse on 04 09 1996 - Download

Radio Sai Team

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