Volume 14 - Issue 11
November 2016
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Posted on: Nov 22, 2016

True Love Is An Art

91st Birthday Special Audio



Life was a listless journey, till Swami, You entered it. Now it is a unique pilgrimage, where the goal is also the Companion. We came to You seeking favours, till we realised, that at Your feet is to be found the greater joy of desirelessness. We sought riches, comfort, luxury and success, till it struck us, that Your love was far more precious than all the pride that lifetimes could gather. We came seeking happiness and protection from sorrow Swami, till we found the joy hidden even in the pain of pining for You. Hesitantly we let You in to our hearts, offering a humble corner amongst the throng of people and tinsel. Now we recognise, that this heart was given to be offered to You. On this day so glorious, what more can we ask You Swami? For our life itself has become a dance of ecstasy. Pray, let each step of ours follow and match Yours; pray, may we hold tight Your hands as we swivel; pray, let this dance last till eternity.

As we celebrate Swami’s 91st Birthday, we at Radio Sai offer at His feet, an expression of our love in the form of this special song, ‘True Love is an Art.’ Our sincere gratitude to Ms. Dana Gillespie, who has rendered this song. Ms. Gillespie is an international blues legend, English by birth. She has many accomplishments to her credit, but the one which truly stands out is that she has performed on a number of occasions in Swami’s presence. In fact the first performance before Swami was during Swami’s 70th Birthday Celebrations. Ever since, she has performed on many of Swami’s birthdays. Her songs, especially those composed for Swami, reflect the many emotions that go with a deep love for the Divine - celebration, mysticism, longing and friendship. This song too is a perfect offering to be placed at His lotus feet. Enjoy the song and feel connected to Swami on this glorious 91st Birthday.



True love is an art
that leaves tears on my face
and the beat of my heart
It's all part of Your Grace

There's a song in my soul
with a sweet harmony
with You as my goal
You watching over me

I need nothing more 
than to think of Your name
and to know that You love me
in this world's crazy game

You're the one true way
and from below and above
I dance through Your play
and I swim in Your love

This love never dies
it's a song without end
and these tears in my eyes
are for You, my best friend 

You're the King of my heart
You're my everything
I know we'll never part
And it's for You I sing Sai Baba

This love never dies
it's a song with no end
and these tears in my eyes
are for You, my best friend
O Sai Baba

Sai Baba Yuga Avatara

And I need nothing more 
than to think of Your name
It's bliss... it's bliss...
That sweet... sweet name

Lyrics & Tune: Ms Dana Gillespie
Violin: Mr Sayee Rakshith
Background Vocals: Mr Aswath Narayan, Mr Anirudh S
Music Arrangement, Mixing & Mastering: Mr Anirudh S, Radio Sai

Radio Sai Team

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