Volume 15 - Issue 04
April 2017
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Posted on: April 19, 2017

The Power of Mother's Palms


Rohan went to apply for a managerial position in a big company. He cleared the first interview. He was to be examined next by the director of the firm, Mr. Nikhil.

Looking at his resume, Mr. Nikhil asked, “Did you obtain any scholarships in school?” His academic achievements were excellent but there was no mention of his father's profession. “Did your father pay the fees?”

“No Sir,” replied Rohan, “I lost my father when I was just a year old. I was brought up by my mother.”

“What does she do?” Mr. Nikhil asked.

Rohan just looked down and sheepishly said, “She washes clothes. That is her job”.

Mr. Nikhil just looked at Rohan keenly and finally asked, “Can you show me your hands please?”

Rohan's hands were smooth, soft and perfect.

“Have you ever helped your mother in her work?” The director asked.

Rohan was silent. A few seconds later, he added, “No Sir. My mother always wanted me to study and use any extra time to read more. Besides, she can wash faster than me.”

“Ok. Now I have a request. When you return to your home today, ask your mother for her hands, see them carefully, if possible clean them thoroughly, and see me tomorrow.”

As Rohan left the room, he kept thinking to himself what could be the motive of the director. Nevertheless, he just did as he was told.

When he asked his mother for her hands, she was surprised, and happy too. Her son had never been so warm to her before.

Rohan placed them on his palms, and now tears started streaming down his cheeks. Her hands were so jagged and rough. At many places there were bruises. Actually when he touched on some sensitive areas, she shivered in pain. Rohan too convulsed in agony.

He spent the next two hours tending to those precious palms. He cleaned them. Applied ointments. Took pictures and send it to a friend whose father was an ayurvedic doctor who had many magical herbs. Did whatever was within his means to tend to them, to correct them and heal them.

How much he longed now to feel the softness of his mother's palms once again. He had achieved so much in the last few years but lost his mother's smooth touch. All his accomplishments seemed so futile.

Every second he now wanted to be there, next to her. Help her with every little thing possible. Not allow her to put any extra pressure on those fragile palms. He spent the whole night talking to her. He had no idea when sleep came over him.

Next morning, Mr. Nikhil asked him, “Did you do what I had asked?”

Trying hard to contain the welling up tears, Rohan said, “Now I know why mother is always adored as God in our culture. Only a mother can sacrifice so much. The least I can do is to recognise how much she has toiled to make me what I am today.

"I also know any achievement is the fruit of the hard work of not one or two but many.

"Finally, the sweetest experience in the world is the warmth of a loving family."

My tears of gratitude!
I've sealed them in the petals of my heart...
Yet! I know... Thy debts of Love!
I'll be able to repay naught!
For however much I may want...or try...to offer thou;
These droplets of My Soul!

(The artist expounds the art thus: The black and white pen and ink work shows the gritty hard life mothers go through to raise their children, while the only colour pink signifies the love that children should express to their mothers.)

“Rohan, we are happy to have you in this company. You can join tomorrow.” The satisfactory smile of the director said it all.

Speaking to the Bal Vikas students in 1974, Bhagawan said:

According to Indian culture, we refer to mother and father as our God. The parents are the manifestations of divinity to us in a visible form. They have given us this body and the food by which the body could grow. They have handed us the ideals with which we have to live. For the food, the ideals and the birth they have given us, we have to be grateful to them and show our gratitude.

Our body, our blood, all the aspects and all our bodily capacities have been given to us as gifts by our parents. If you are unable to satisfy them, how will you do good to your country? How will you rectify this society?

When we are not in the position to make our father and mother who are in the same house happy, how can we handle the problems of this vast country? How can we spread happiness to people all over this world? The boys and girls who belong to Bal Vikas should begin, in the very first instance, to look into their homes and give due respect to their parents, brothers and sisters.

The second step is to respect your neighbours and guests. Gradually you should expand this to the entire society and finally to the whole country.

Listen to audio of the divine discourse clip

The only attitude that will fill us with abundance and peace is gratitude.

- An email forward adapted by Ms. Aarthi Krishnan
Painting, Video Art & Poem by Ms Meghna Loke

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