Volume 15 - Issue 08
August 2017
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Posted on: Aug 28, 2017

Radio Sai Bhajan Classroom

Bhajan - Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey Gajanana

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Radio Sai Bhajan Classroom is a weekly Live program on Radio Sai featured every Thursday wherein all aspects of one selected Sai bhajan are dealt with comprehensively.

Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey Gajanana

1) Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey Gajanana

Victory to Lord Ganesha, the Elephantine-faced Lord!

2) Parvati Nandana Subhanana

Oh the Most Auspicious One! The Darling Son of Mother Parvati!

3) Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey Gajanana

Victory to Lord Ganesha, the Elephant-faced Lord!

4) Neelakantha Suta Gajanana

Oh Elephant-faced Lord, the Beloved Son of Lord Shiva, the Blue-throated One!

5) Nitya Shubhanga Gajanana

Oh Elephant-faced Lord, You are the Eternally Auspicious One!





Bhajan Notation

Raga : Mohanam (Carnatic), Bhupali (Hindustani) 

Sruthi : C# Pancham

Beat (Tala): Keherwa or Adi Talam - 8 Beat


Indian Notation -

Jaya     Jaya     Jaya     Hey     Gajanana

SS         RR        GG       PP       P D S’ S’ S’

Parvati     Nandana       Shubhanana ———-

S’DDS’       DPPG         GPDP GRGRS

Jaya     Jaya     Jaya     Hey     Gajanana

SS         RR         GG      PP      P D G’ R’ S’

Neelakantha Suta         Gajanana

G’G’R’       G’G’G’R’     S’R’ G’R’ S’D

Nitya       Shubhanga      Gajanana ———-

S’DDS’     DPPG             GPDP       GRGRS

Nitya         Shubhanga       Gajanana ———-

S’G’R’S’         DS’DP             GPDP      GRGRS


Western Notation -

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- Radio Sai Team

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