Volume 15 - Issue 02
February 2017
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Posted on: Feb 16, 2017

Sai Ram Dear Readers,

For most people, the clinching relationship with Swami is that of Love at first Sight (which is not surprising, since what is sighted is Love itself!). And to love Swami is to simultaneously participate in, and partake of, divine love; which is why Kahlil Gibran said, “When you love you should not say, 'God is in my heart,' but rather, I am in the heart of God”.

Swami's love is torrential and exponential, and we can contain it in the receptacles of our hearts only partially. And like water in vessels of different shapes, Swami's love remains with us in different forms as per the individualities of our hearts. To have a glimpse of this diversity, we asked Sai brothers and sisters to express how they feel Swami loves them. The responses are like a million-hued rainbow of love….

Sai loves me so …….

...so much that He understands my dreams and desires before I speak to Him about them... Sai Maa loves me so much that He always gives me the best… Sai Maa loves me so much that He wants me to face difficulties so as to make me stronger.

...so much that He is always with me. He is the doer and I am just a medium.
...so much that He always protects me and my family.
...so much that I do not have a single worry in this world and all my needs, whether material or spiritual, are taken care of even without and before my asking.
...so much like the infinite ocean! I soak, swim and enjoy His love like a little fish all the time and I pray to Swami that He should let me be aware of it all the time!
...so much that it gives me tons of strength to face problems in life.
...so much that I have full trust in my Sai for healing.
...so much that I feel blessed all the time and feel His presence everywhere I go.
...so much that I realize that my love is not so intense, not so pure, not as selfless. So I pray to Swami to help me transform my love to Thy LOVE.
...so much that I just have to think about Him and everything falls in place.
...so much that I feel His presence as a friend, philosopher and guide all the time.
...so I can see Swami correcting me, in my thoughts, words, deeds, all the time. God corrects whom He Loves.
...so that I can be the best version of me and help mankind.
...so that I can love Him.
...so that I can learn to love everybody unconditionally like Him.
...so I'm in the world of love.

Swami's love is not meant only for us, but also is directed through us towards all creation. We are not mere receptacles, we should also become channels. It is in this perspective that He calls us Premaswaroopa - sparks of love who have to kindle the warm fire of love in cold places. Indeed, our prayer to Swami, whose love is vaster and deeper than an ocean, can then be:

"The bed, the bank, the spring, the source,
You are the Prema Vahini perennial.
The current, the course, the flow, the force,
You are the Prema Pravaham millennial.

To drink of this stream is our prayer primara,
But, Lord, suffuse us with more than your aura,
Crested waves for rusted shores - may we become Your tiara,
To emerge and merge in You - the infinite Prema Sagara."

Let us know how you tune into Swami's love in the comments below. "Sai loves me so _____"

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- Radio Sai Team

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