Volume 15 - Issue 02
February 2017
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Posted on: Feb 21, 2017

Sai Ram dear readers,

Lord Shiva is often said to be the most relatable of the divinities. For, like humans, He embraces several contradictions – He possesses an insouciant innocence and yet can be possessed by a roaring wrath, He is the extreme ascetic and also the ideal householder, the serene pacifier while also the supreme warrior, the graceful dancer but also the gracious destroyer. However, unlike humans, He sublates all the contradictions to present a harmonious and auspicious personality, an example for humans to emulate. There do not remain any contradictions in Him; instead there is only the infinite continuum of divine auspiciousness – Shivam.

Swami is Shiva-Shakti swaroopa, the personification of not only the Shiva principle but also the Shakti principle (that of creative power and beauty). So, we asked the Sai brothers and sisters as to how Swami was like Shiva to them. The responses indicate the various aspects of Swami's infinite auspiciousness as understood by our finite consciousness.

Swami is like Shiva because ______

...when I see Swami's smile I can feel His Bhola bhandari and Sulabha prasanna nature. But at the same time, when I see Swami's eyes I can feel his Gambhir nature like Shiva.

...Shiva is God described in the principle of Transformation - to fuse, not destroy; to reform from little good to more good, from Adharma to Dharma, from Ashanti to Prashanti.
...Swami fulfils the desires of His devotees like Bhola Bhandari would do.
...I once dreamt of Swami with straight long hair and a bun on the top! That is why, Swami is Shiva for me.
...Swami is the destructor of all vices and evil within us.
...the Vibhuti pouring out of a small silver vessel during Shirdi Baba Abhishekam and the Lingodbhavam during Maha Shivaratri festival are the Leelas of Bhagawan Sayeeshwara!
...Swami never ignores anybody. He loves everybody, every creature.
...Swami often presses the middle of His forehead when He thinks - the third eye!
...Swami creates Vibhuti and gives to us the symbolic ash to make us DIE-MIND so that we will surrender and know ourselves.
...Swami has given importance to Vibhuti or Bhasmam, which is the symbol of Shiva. He has advised His devotees to use Vibhuti in all occasions as Prasadam.
...Swami is Mangalamurti (embodiment of auspiciousness), for He makes everybody's life worth living.
...Shiva means auspiciousness…Swami is God and Shiva is God… pure and supreme!
...Swami loves all and serves all.
...Swami's hair is just like black cobra which adorns Lord Shiva.
...Shiva is LOVE.
...Swami is vibuthi sundara Sainath.
...Swami is not LIKE Shiva!!! He is Shiva Himself and Shiva-Shakti swaroopa!  
...Swami's mother is Eswaramma.  
...Swami is all pervasive like Shiva!  
...Swami makes you Dance!!!  

Swami has explained the principle of Shivam through connecting it with the phenomenon of Soham, the life breath. As long as the human body is breathing – through the incessant cycles of inhalation (‘So …’) and exhalation (‘… Ham’) - there is life, and therefore, auspiciousness in the body. Hence our very breath is the seat of Lord Shiva, the Lord of auspiciousness. And, Mahashivaratri is the occasion when we direct our minds towards this auspiciousness that is located within.

On this occasion of Mahashivaratri, therefore, wishing everyone a very happy Mahashivaratri, we encourage all to turn their minds to the auspicious Sai Shiva residing within.

Let us know how Swami is like Lord Shiva to you in the comments below. "Swami is like Shiva because _____."

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- Radio Sai Team

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