Volume 15 - Issue 01
January 2017
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Posted on: Jan 26, 2017

 Why do my eyes stay molten, pining for a glance,
But when glanced, are frozen sparkling a starlit night?
Why does my breath wait for one sight mid-stance,
And when seen, drafts itself in an upward flight?

The above questions could be those of any Sai devotee on the anticipation-filled wait for, and the exhilaration-suffused moments of, Swami's darshan. And to know what could be the answers of Sai devotees to these questions, the Radio Sai team on January 14, 2017, posted a Sadhana topic on Facebook - What seeing Sai meant to you. The answers not only show how devotees connect with Swami in myriad ways, but also how personal (even personalised) Swami is to each of us. A sample of the responses is gleaned here:

Seeing Swami is like…

...watching the waves. No matter what you do, it keeps coming back with increasing intensity. Just like His love.

...seeing my everything! My life, my breath, my music, my soul. Seeing Him is like seeing my true self.
...getting deep inside a calm ocean where everything is still... your senses stop working... you peep into His eyes and His eyes on you... you are mesmerised.
...losing oneself in the sea of Sai love. Who has the capacity to find words to explain the impact!
...immersing in the Divine bliss, enjoying infinite Love and my mother.
...purnamada purnamidam... sampoornam... it is infinite bliss; in fact it is descriptionless.
...feeling Love, Peace & Happiness all in one form.
...a connection of my inner self with the Divine Self... what joy! what bliss! what peace! Nothing else exists, nothing else matters.
...seeing a mother full of love and always caring for her children.
...talking to a true friend; it gives great inner strength to face the ups and downs in life.
...an intake of oxygen with rich energy waves recharging our battery!
...Experiencing love, love and total love.
...being at peace, lost in His world.
...experiencing bliss.
...feeling loved & being filled with positive spirits.
...being Sai.
...a whole world in front of me.
...confidence, faith, and an ever-present guidance.
...seeing our Life Breath; The Very Embodiment of Love, Truth, and Compassion.

The wonderful responses above were elicited by a new initiative of the Radio Sai team on Facebook – ‘The Daily Radio Sai Facebook Sadhana’ - which began on the auspicious day of Makara Sankranti on January 14, 2017. Everyday a new Sadhana topic is posted on Radio Sai's Facebook page, which encourages devotees to think about Swami and His teachings and express their thoughts in a creative and concise way. The responses on a daily basis show that Swami indeed resides in the hearts of His devotees, which throb at His bidding and for His blessing.

We thank everyone for the excellent reception of, and participation in, the initiative. We hope that all Sai brothers and sisters can avail of this Facebook Sadhana every day to find within themselves the sweet feelings and thoughts that Swami engenders. Stay tuned for the ‘Daily Radio Sai Facebook Sadhana’.

As the daily sadhana goes on, on our Facebook page, we intend to collate and share some of the beautiful and soulful thoughts and feelings on our website periodically.

- Radio Sai Team

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