Volume 15 - Issue 03
March 2017
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Posted on: Mar 24, 2017

A Thousand-Eyed Glance of Grace

by Mrs Meghna Loke

I wish to share one instance of how I experienced Swami's love and grace.

I firmly believe pain is universal and that it is definitely a stepping stone to one's spiritual growth. I have been living with chronic pain for 15 years and I longed to make a painting that would truly carry Swami's healing and love everywhere.

I had been praying to Him for a very long time about my wish to make a painting that can bring healing to any soul who is undergoing some dark times in their life.

One day I was quietly sitting in front of Swami's picture and asking Him what He wished me to paint. He literally handed it out to me in a flash! By that I mean this exact painting with the green peacock feathers in the background and Swami's form in gold in the foreground in all its vividness flashed right within my closed eyes and stayed there for a few seconds and I knew He wanted me to paint this.

We all know that no action of Swami is ever insignificant as He does not even waste words. I've always loved to paint His face and so I was curious to know the spiritual significance behind why He wanted me to make this particular painting with peacock feathers in the background while His form stands in the foreground but without any detail.

As my mind was mulling over the significance and spiritual meaning of peacock feathers, I thought I'd google it but through a coinSAIdence Swami answered my question in a timely manner. That particular day (August 13, 2016), Radio Sai posted a quiz on Krishna titled ‘Madhuram Madhuram’ in which Swami very clearly stated the spiritual significance of a peacock feather.

This was question no. 8 in the quiz.

I was really amazed to see this question and selected option C ‘Peacock feather’ as the answer.

When I did so, this is what I immediately got on my screen.

I felt absolutely thrilled to read what Swami had said about the peacock feather!

Another thing is that I was already aware of the significance of the colour green, as Swami has got the ceiling in Sai Kulwant Hall painted in green with gold relief work.

He Himself once explained to a student that green is the colour of healing and since it wasn't possible for Him to materialise a green emerald ring for all who visit Prasanthi Nilayam, He got the ceiling in Kulwant Hall painted in green, so that whoever sits beneath it comes under the canopy of His healing.

After Swami revealed to me the significance of the peacock feather and the colour green, I prayed to Him, “Lord, wherever as per Your will this painting reaches, let Thy Grace reach that soul, whether or not they get a chance to come to Puttaparthi and sit in Kulwant Hall under the green ceiling. Through this painting let Thy healing light reach all in need and let Thy Grace touch all!”

It took me almost a month to finish it due to my weak health but I'm so humbled to share this painting which Swami used me to create, using me as His flute to share His love and grace.

After offering the painting at His lotus feet on August 31, 2016, my 15th wedding anniversary when this painting got finished, I prayed to Him and said, “Only if You give me a sign of blessing then I'll go ahead and share this painting with all my brothers and sisters and I will know that You have blessed this painting. I want a sign that even a blind person can't ignore.”

The entire day passed by and there was no sign and in my desperation I broke down into a poem from my heart at around 5.24 pm.

Bless it, by breathing life in it.
My soul quivers ...
Waiting, why has my Beloved not reached out to me yet ...
With tears trickling down from the side corner of my eyes ...
Why hasn't my Best Friend not responded yet?
My life is only a reason to please Thee!

If this flute ain't hollow enough for You to breathe Thy music ...
Then break it.
Because other than pleasing You, my life holds no other meaning ...
And if Thy divine breath does not fill me,
Then Swami! I'm dead as it is!

Later in the evening, Swami did reach out to me. A sign that cannot be ignored or overlooked! The entire day was gloomy and grey due to the monsoon but in the evening the sun broke out from the greyest of clouds and it was like Swami poured a pot of gold and the sky was dazzling with brilliance, in the most beautiful colours dipped in gold.

The painting too has Swami's form in a gold leaf and this truly was such a beautiful sign of Him blessing the painting, because I've not seen a sky with such shimmering gold radiance. I was even telling Swami in my heart, “You alone are the only true artist!”

This is Swami's sign of blessing the painting with His own inimitable way of painting the sky, which lasted for 15-20 minutes.

Once I received from Him this beautiful sign, I was so happy to share it with all.

This painting is nothing but His prasadam of love.


About the Author

Mrs Meghna Loke is from Mumbai. Like her mother, she is a graduate from Sir J J School of Art. She came to Bhagawan’s physical fold in 1999. But she says, “I know He has always been there with me, even before my birth, for like everyone our bond goes beyond life-times.

“He gave me a beautiful soulmate and a friend in the form of my husband. Barely two months into marriage my life completely changed over night. I was bedridden for almost 2 months, due to lay man terms called 'Back-Pain', which over the years no medical science has been able to diagnose.

“And the pain has completely restricted my life, with many months of being bedridden, or unable to even walk for beyond five minutes, and on good days, my activity too is restricted to 10-15 minutes after which, I need to keep lying down.

“Over the years it's been a downhill journey where the body is concerned, but in terms of spirit, he has truly helped my spirit expand. It all changed when one day I just couldn't deal with life and told Him in desperation, in my heart, that show me the way. 'I want to be your student for life.'

“It's been 5-6 years to that and He has fully come into my life, where He constantly shows me the way through my tough times, by unfailingly sending me the message through either Radio Sai or some other online Sai related talks or interviews.

“He not only showed me a way through my most challenging times, but even in this short time, showed me how He truly is the only "Love", that I had been seeking all along.

“Since last 8 and a half years, He came to me in the form of my beautiful baby Coco, who's a Labrador retriever dog. I knew nothing about dogs, but my husband kept insisting we should have one, as I've spend years all alone on bed and my husband travels a lot due to his profile as a documentary photographer.

“Cocos coming too was His blessing for me. As not many are aware of dog therapy in India, we trained him as a therapy dog and he works with an NGO for helping children who are physically or mentally challenged. And was even felicitated by Mumbai Veterinary College for his selfless service. But over the years seeing me live in so much pain, he helped me go beyond it by opening my heart which had become cold and numb due to years of living in pain.

“Pain has taught me many a things and I know many a times I may be like His nagging child telling Him, why my life had to change this way, but in hindsight I know these times too are a blessing in disguise, because I have Him.

“The reason for doing this painting was solely a prayer. I wanted to do a painting of Swami based on healing and hoping that wherever it reaches 'His Grace' is received and healing begins.

“Pain is universal and living in pain for more than 15 years now, I know it's not just a four letter word, I understand how heart wrenching it all can be, whatever pain one may be in be it physical, mental or emotional, and the only way one can survive one's darkest times is by having Swami in their lives.

“It's His grace that He inspired me in such a beautiful way to do this painting, because I feel wherever it may reach, and help a soul, a part of me shall heal, because pain helps you to feel one with others. “I could not work or do much regarding my wish to serve Him, but lately I started an online blog, once again with a sign of blessing from Him, of creating works of art, based on poems that He inspires me with - all as an offering to Him and to only see Him smile. It's called meghnaloke.com and anyone can see and partake of His love.”

- Radio Sai Team

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