Volume 15 - Issue 09
September 2017
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Posted on: Sept 26, 2017

Mantras and Modern Science

Part 02


Why Mantras Can Manipulate Our DNA

Sometime back, modern scientists opined that only 2% of our DNA that manufacture proteins is useful to us. The rest, they said, were 'junk DNA'. Basically, through their experiments, they could not see what these DNA were doing if they were not coding proteins.

However, in the recent past, a team of Russian researchers who were convinced that nothing in nature is without purpose, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore this 'junk DNA'. Their results and findings were simply revolutionary.

According to them, our DNA is responsible not only for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and in communication.

The Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the 'junk DNA', follows the same rules as all our human languages. This means, we speak the way we speak because our DNA is structured that way.

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his team also explored the vibrational behaviour of the DNA and found that they could actually change the genetic information of the DNA by using correct laser rays and radio waves, provided the frequencies (sounds) were right.

This scientifically explains why affirmations, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language, words and thought.

Thus, by simply applying vibration (sound frequencies) and language, our DNA can be affected, modulated, healed and more. Of course, the vibration has to be correct.

The more evolved a person is, the easier it is to establish a conscious communication with the DNA. That is why raising one's individual consciousness is important to work any of these miracles.

Nevertheless, what this has proven is that just by appropriate sounds produced with purity we can change the fundamental building blocks of our life, the DNA.

No wonder, the Vedas always proclaimed 'as you think, so you become' and the literal meaning of 'mantra' is 'that by repetition of which you can overcome troubles or bondage'.

Rudram Boosts the Immunity of an 80-Year Old

In October 2016, after listening to a discussion on the importance and efficacy of Vedic hymns, a Radio Sai listener from Bahrain wrote:

“In 2014, my 80-year old mother started learning Rudram. She would very diligently listen to the tutorial on Radio Sai and attempt to learn. She thought she would probably not be able to memorize the entire hymn. But with sheer will power and determination within a year of chanting it every day, she knew the whole of Rudram by heart.

“Interestingly, during this period, we noticed a shift in her health. We had no idea why. There were occasions when all of us in the family would have an infection but the only person to escape it would be my octogenarian mother!

“This year after attending the Youth Leadership programme in Prasanthi Nilayam in July 2016, I returned home very tired after a two-week hectic schedule. Since my mother was not with me in Bahrain, I recited the Rudram at home so that the practice continues. Within a day of starting this practice, I was feeling absolutely energized.

“However, during these two weeks my mother was in India and she had stopped chanting due to various reasons. Within days of being there, she became sick with respiratory problems. When she got back to Bahrain, after allowing her to rest for two days, I asked her to restart chanting Rudram. The day she began chanting, her face regained her glow and she looked as fresh as a flower. It was drastic, almost dramatic.

"I had no idea that Rudram could have such a deep impact on our health. Nowadays, however tired I may be, when I chant Rudram, I get back my energy.”

Healed of HIV, Thanks to Rudram and Sai

Mr Arun Mandale, an ardent senior devotee of Bhagawan from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, had the opportunity to teach Vedic mantras to Sai devotees in Manipur over ten days in January 2007.

“One of these days,” he said, “a man came to me and asked if one can be cured of any ailment through Veda chanting. I told him if one is regular and has faith, Swami will take care of everything. One need not have any anxieties.

“I later knew that he was a HIV patient. Six months later, I called one of the devotees of that region to enquire about him. I was told that this man had been admitted in a hospital but was now returning to normalcy. Soon he was discharged and the hospital tests now showed that he was free of that dreaded virus!

“This happened after six months of diligent chanting of Rudram. The most heartening thing is after he was cured, he decided to have a child as the couple had been longing for this boon for long. I am so happy that his son, who is five or six years old now, is absolutely healthy!”

Giving one more example, Arun Mandale said, “Similarly, I have asked so many students to chant Medha Suktam daily and all of them have gone on to do better in their academics. Instances like this are numerous.”

Live Mantra Experiments with the Avatar

Ranganath Raju, an alumnus of Bhagawan’s university, prayed to Swami intensely to give him an easier explanation of the Gayathri Mantra and in a dream, Bhagawan said:

“It simply means – O God! Please bless me with darshan, sparshan and sambhashan or equivalent of this. Lord, grant me this opportunity and illumine my intellect.”

After he received this 'secret' from Bhagawan, he says, he tried it and it worked almost every time. Even after graduating from Swami's college, whenever he used to come to Prasanthi, he would sit in the Sai Kulwant Hall and begin chanting this mantra and more often than not, Swami would suddenly notice him and start a conversation.

Hari Shankar, who now works in the office of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, one day started chanting this mantra sitting in the Sai Kulwant Hall hoping and praying that Bhagawan should in some way bless him once he completed 108 cycle.

Just as he recited the mantra for the 108th time, Swami came out of the interview room onto the portico, looked straight at him and said, “Aye boy, what's your name?”

Trust the Past and Build a Beautiful Future

If we can trust our ancient sages and seers with at least half the sincerity with which we trust our modern doctors and scientists, soon we could change the DNA of the world around us.

Where negativity rules, we can transform that into a constructive environment without a confrontation or a war by simply infusing it with mind-altering sacred vibrations.

The most powerful sound of this universe is Om and the most powerful emotion of this cosmos is love, that is pure and unconditional. Every mantra begins with Om and Om itself is a potent mantra.

We would be liberated from all our sorrows and abetted with super strength to deal with all the challenges of our life if only we strive to harness the power within us by taking to the path delineated by our enlightened ancestors with absolute trust and enthusiastic zeal.

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- Bishu Prusty
Radio Sai Team

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