Volume 18 - Issue 13
January 2020
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Posted on: Jan 04, 2020

95th Birthday Logo

95th Birthday Theme Song


Full Version | iPhone Version | Android Version

We welcome every New Year with wishes of happiness hoping that it will bring joy and make the year a memorable one. But some years are special and joyous by themselves. The year 2020 is one such for all of us. It is the year of the 95th Birthday of our beloved Bhagawan and we could not be more excited. Even as we prepare for the year-long celebrations in Prasanthi and around the world, we are happy to share the official 95th Birthday logo and a snippet of the theme song. We had the opportunity to place it at Bhagawan’s Sannidhi on the New Year’s Day. You can find below the launch video.

Feel free to download the logo and the ringtone and join in the joyous celebration of this grand occasion. On Jan 20, 2020, we will be releasing the complete version of the 95th Birthday theme song. So watch out for that!

Let us take this special year as another opportunity to express our devotion and gratitude to Bhagawan for allowing us to know and love Him!


95th Birthday Logo for White Background


95th Birthday Logo for Dark Background


Profile Picture for Social Media - White Background


Profile Picture for Social Media - Dark Background


Thank you and loving Sai Ram,
Team Radio Sai

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