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Posted on: Nov 23, 2018


"SAMA" was an initiative of the students of Bhagawan's college to ruminate on Swami through music during the prayer sessions in the college. It started way back in the nineties. Lovely songs would be sung and beautiful sentiments would be expressed musically sending all the students to raptures of divine ecstasy.

Truly, nothing can move your heart and bless you with moments of divine communion as effortlessly as music can do. Bhagawan Himself said in December 25, 1997, "Music is holy. It reflects the state of one's inner being. It can move the Lord Himself."

Those who have lived with Bhagawan have in fact witnessed this at close quarters. One soulful rendering and Bhagawan would fill the heart of the devotee with tremendous grace. To relive those musical moments of bliss is the purpose of this series.

As you hear these devotional compositions, pregnant with deep meaning and specially created in the Radio Sai studios, we hope it will help you to melt away in devotion to the Lord and become one with Him in joy and love.

We will endeavour to offer a new song on our website before every major festival of Prasanthi Nilayam so that we can get into the "bhava" before the celebrations begin.

This first one celebrates the advent of Bhagawan into the earthly realm. It is the collation of four verses which Bhagawan Himself used to sing during His discourses which are set to melodious tunes.

Love is My Form
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Vaje Mrudanga Tal Veena
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Karunya Sagarane - Feelings as Soulful Songs
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- Radio Sai Team

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