Volume 16 - Issue 08
Aug 2018
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Posted on: Aug 24, 2018


"SAMA" was an initiative of the students of Bhagawan's college to ruminate on Swami through music during the prayer sessions in the college. It started way back in the nineties. Lovely songs would be sung and beautiful sentiments would be expressed musically sending all the students to raptures of divine ecstasy.

Truly, nothing can move your heart and bless you with moments of divine communion as effortlessly as music can do. Bhagawan Himself said in December 25, 1997, "Music is holy. It reflects the state of one's inner being. It can move the Lord Himself."

Those who have lived with Bhagawan have in fact witnessed this at close quarters. One soulful rendering and Bhagawan would fill the heart of the devotee with tremendous grace. To relive those musical moments of bliss is the purpose of this series.

As you hear these devotional compositions, pregnant with deep meaning and specially created in the Radio Sai studios, we hope it will help you to melt away in devotion to the Lord and become one with Him in joy and love.

We will endeavour to offer a new song on our website before every major festival of Prasanthi Nilayam so that we can get into the "bhava" before the celebrations begin.

This first one is a soulful song in the sweet language, Malayalam. Being that time of the year, when the devotees from Kerala throng to Prasanthi to observe their most important festival of Onam.

This year, as the people of Kerala wade through one of the darkest and deadliest times of their lives, their only hope and support, light and guide is their indomitable faith in the Lord. It is this deep and intense feeling for the Divine that earned this land the epithet "God's Own Country". Each one holds on to their own steely staff of faith and longs for the Lord's grace. Even in the face of untold misery and grave distress, their faith is still rock-steady, only their prayers have become heart-rending.

This song in Malayalam attempts to offer you this crying call of the Keralites to their Krishna, the Lord of Guruvayur.

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[Intro Voice Over:
Vividhangalaya Pratisandhighattangalilode
Ee Jeevita yatra Munnottozhukumbol Daivattinte Tripadangal Kaividade Cherthupidikanagatte Enna
Prarthanayode Ellavarkkum Hrudayam Niranjna Onamshamsagal

Let us resolve to have unflinching faith on our beloved Lord in this journey of life, as it traverses through varied ordeals. With this prayer, we extend our heartfelt Onam greetings and wishes.]

Karunya Sagarane Kamala Manoharane
Karal Pookkum Njangale Nee Kathukollane
Guruvayurpuresha Verillorashrayam Gurupavanapuresha

Oh the Ocean of Compassion, charming like the Lotus
Do protect us, the ones seeking refuge at Thy feet!
Oh Lord of Guruvayur! There is none else, thou art the sole refuge!
The Lord of the land sanctified by the Teacher of the Gods (Guru) and the Wind God (Pavana/Vayu)

Odi Va Va Odi Va Va Odi Va Kanna Kaliyadi Va Kanna

Come running, come running, come running Oh Dear One!
Come playfully Dear One!

Kamyamayi Kandadhellam Kapadamennatharinjyada
Kannupoyal Endheneekkin Karalin Kannu Turannada

I realise that all that was desired for was false!
I may have lost my sight, but my inner vision has been awakened.

Odi Va Va Odi Va Va Odi Va Kanna
Kaliyadi Va Kanna

Come running, come running, come running Oh Dear One!
Come playfully Dear One!

Ullil Vazhum Ninneyelladoruvare Njan Kanoola
Odakuzhalin Nadhamalladhonnum Ini Njan Kelkoola

I shall behold none but Thee, my indweller!
I will listen not to anything but the melody of Thy flute henceforth.

Vedhanagal Neekkuvan Vere Njangal Karuvan
Veda Vedanta Moorthi Kathukollane Nee Kathukollane

Dispel our distress; who else is there for us?
Oh Vedas and Vedantas Embodied! Protect us!

Ottakannittenne Nokki Odipoguvadengada
Ottuneram Ennaduthonnotti Ninnalendhada

Why give me a mischievous glance from the corner of Thy eyes and run away?
For a little while, why don't Thee remain close to us, Darling?

Voiceover: Sreeram S K
Vocals, Music Arrangement, Mixing and Mastering: Anirudh S, Radio Sai Global Harmony


Thank you and loving Sai Ram,
Team Radio Sai

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