Gita for Children
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Serial Articles


Recently, an overseas devotee asked, “Is there any edition of the Gita suitable for use by children?” Since there did not appear to be any, it was decided to generate this manuscript for use by Sai teenagers. It will come in parts as a serial for the next few months.

This manuscript is clearly an experiment. It is meant for study by students in the age group around 9 to 15, under the guidance of an Instructor. [Indeed, even the so-called young adults could benefit, not to mention people unfamiliar with Indian scriptures.] The guidance would be effective and fruitful if the Instructor/Teacher is familiar with the material contained in:
(a) The Guidebook for Study Circles, which appeared in H2H as Getting Spiritually Better.
(b) The Workbook Companion of the Guidebook, and
(c) The book entitled Message of the Lord that deals with the Gita on the one hand and Baba’s Teachings on the other.

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