Gita for Children
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Serial Articles

(The first two are available from the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation while the third can be obtained from the Book Store in Prashanti Nilayam).

Before the commencement of the course, the Instructor/Teacher should expose the students to the background of the Kurukshetra war.

Many strategies can be adopted as regards taking the students through the various chapters. These days, students are very sharp and quick on the uptake. Hence, the following scheme could be tried:

1. The Instructor first gives an overview of the chapter under consideration, stressing the most important teachings.
2. A group of students is then asked to ‘present’ the teachings of the chapter to the rest of the class in a suitable manner. As a part of the process, there could be discussions, and also questions from the students not involved in the presentation.

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