Gita for Children
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Serial Articles

The response is: “Well, if you could do it, why not us?” Secondly, the media in collusion with vested interests actively promote Adharma and immorality in a thousand different ways. The two together create peer pressure and that is something that the young in particular find very difficult to resist. That is one big reason why the battle of life has become far more difficult.

Take success in business for example. For years, the media was euologising the great go-getters, the high-profile men with huge bank balances, yachts, penthouses, and their success stories. But one fine day it was discovered that many of these ‘greats’ were just frauds who had duped tens of thousands. All of a sudden people began to ask, “Whatever happened to old-fashioned morality they used to teach in the Business School?” Well, they stopped teaching that sort of thing a long time ago! If morality is discarded as being irrelevant, how can it suddenly surface when the going gets rough?

No, morality is not merely a matter of social convenience or just a necessity for civilized existence. It is something much more than that. Morality is the very fabric of life. It is what sustains the Universe.

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