A Lesson in Faith
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Miscellaneous

A Lesson in Faith

During one of my visits to the State of Haryana, I was taken to see some of our Grama Seva activities in a small and remote village of the State. I could observe the various service and spiritual activities being carried out by our Samithi members and the active participation of the villagers in these programmes. There was also a public meeting where the villagers expressed their appreciation of the work being done and their great interest in joining the contingent for Prashanti Seva at Puttaparthi. I also addressed the villagers on our Organisation’s objectives and Bhagavan’s Teachings which motivate and inspire us.

By the time all the programmes were gone through, it was approaching darkness and it was time for us to leave. As our car was moving forward through the lanes, an old lady suddenly came forward and lay down in front of the car and would not get up. I got down and said “Mother, why are you doing this?” She replied that she wanted me to visit her hut, a little distance away.

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