A Lesson in Faith
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Miscellaneous

I was greatly moved by her insistence and agreed to her request and walked with her to the side of the lane, where her little hut was standing.

When we entered the small hut which was only about 8 feet in length, I could see that more than half of the simple dwelling was an altar for Bhagavan with His picture in the centre. The lamps were burning brightly and the entire ambience was serene and ethereal. I felt that I was in a Divine Temple.

I could see that the old lady was very poor and did not seem to have anybody to help her. However, her face was radiant and serene.

I then said to her “Mother, do not be worried. Baba will take care of you.”

She then smiled and said to me “Son, why should I worry. Baba is always with me. He is here with us now.”

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