Valmiki lives on
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Miscellaneous

Valmiki lives on

When Swami tells us, “I am in you,” it does not apply to just you and me but indeed to all beings in Creation. Be that as it may, many have doubts like: “How can God be in a murderer?” This question has been dealt with in detail elsewhere, for example in the Krishna-Arjuna dialogue that Radio Sai has broadcast. Here I would like to narrate a story that was brought to my attention by the students in my Awareness class. That story not only illustrates how God resides in all, but also how He can and does manifest, if only we allow Him to!

The story is about a person named Raja who lives in Bangalore. He used to be an auto rickshaw driver earlier. What is he doing now? Well, therein lies the story. Raja is now 38. Ten years ago he was a goon known as Auto Raja, frequently involved in drunken brawls and given to petty crimes. His parents were so sick and tired of him that they even prayed that he would die! That says a lot, does it not? But then one fine day, this notorious Raja changed beyond recognition.

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