Valmiki lives on
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Miscellaneous

After death, Raja would arrange for the cremation.

Starting from small beginnings, Raja soon launched the Home of Hope, an NGO that could address efficiently the needs of helpless people. Today the Centre houses nearly eighty people of different ages. There is Deepa, 23, confined to a wheel chair, who looks after kids in the Centre. There is Gracy a four year old who was brought in from the streets with a torn eye.Thanks to an operation she now has a glass eye, and goes to school. She is a bundle of energy.

“It is my dream to make sure that not a single person remains homeless on the streets of Bangalore,” says Raja ambitiously. But it all costs money, does it not? Sure does; that is why Raja wants to build a corpus. But money does not come easily. However, kind souls are still around and that is how Raja is able to carry on. Undeterred by the constant barrage of difficulties, Raja marches on straining every nerve to make sure that as many of Bangalore’s destitute die in a clean and peaceful environment, and with dignity.

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