Valmiki lives on
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Miscellaneous

I am grateful to my students for bringing this story to my attention. Raja teaches us many lessons. He did not have the physical Darshan of Swami; nor did he hear any Divine Discourse. We have these blessings in such abundance. And yet, Raja saw Swami in his Heart which, I wonder, how many of us have done.And having seen Swami there he quickly realised what Swami dins into our ears: Heart means HRIDAYA. HIRDAYA = HRID + DAYA. If there is no compassion within, how can we claim that we have a heart?

Of course we can argue, “We all cannot be Rajas. We have responsibilities.” Yes of course, but at least can we not set ourselves a goal of one hundredth of what he does? Let us reflect: if five percent of the world’s population does five percent of what Raja does, what a tremendous change it can make to the world. Think about it.

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