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Dear Reader,
We hope you had a holy start for this New Year, 2005. We did not say ‘happy start’ because of a fact which we all know: the Tsunami disaster. How could we truly be joyful when so many thousands of our brothers and sisters were suffering?

We at H2H spent the day praying for all those who suffered on that fateful day and we are sure you too did the same. Prayers apart, teams of Sai workers swiftly swung into action for providing relief for the victims. Swami himself handpicked a team and sent them to Tamil Nadu for relief. We are soon bringing to you a detailed report on this calamity and services rendered by Sai devotees in those places. In fact, if there is something positive that came out of this disaster, it was the human solidarity that was displayed in helping the victims. People belonging to all countries, castes, creeds and ages came together with the single aim of providing succour to their unfortunate brethren. H2H salutes each and every one of them.

The Cover Story this issue is on the Chaitanya Jyothi, a magnificent edifice that attempts to depict the mission and the glory of the Sai Avatar. The building, which was inaugurated on 18th November 2000, is a marvel and the story of how it came into existence despite all odds is amazing. This is what we present to you in this cover story. We later intend to start a serial in this magazine, which will take you on a virtual tour of this grand museum.

There are several interesting articles in this issue. Don’t miss reading ‘The Shadow Self’ in Feature Articles and ‘The Miracle of the Ashes’ in the section Miscellaneous.

We thank each and every one of you for your constant support and encouragement. Do keep us posted of your valuable feedback.

In Sai Service
SGH team

  Volume 3 - Issue 2,
FEB 2005

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