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the 'be-atTitudes' of jesus
…Through the lives of Enlightened Souls and Divine Incarnations

Part 2:
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

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spacer   The Love of Sri Sathya Sai  
The Son of God healing the sick

Jesus was living with people who continued to suffer terribly. The Romans did not hesitate to abuse and exploit the Jews, and it was only three decades before that King Herod commanded all babies to be murdered as he feared the portent of the baby Jesus, as told to him by the three wise men.

There is nothing more welcoming to a sorrowing person than to know that one’s pain will come to an end. Did not Lord Krishna give Arjuna a slip of paper with the words “This too will end” when he and the Pandavas were in the midst of terrible travail?

And in our times, numerous are the instances when Lord Sai has reached out and bestowed upon us His sacred Grace; either spiritually to nourish our souls and give us the strength to go through the pain, or through needed practical changes in our lives which only He could have arranged!

Everyday, in this age, we see this Beatitude in action! Here is one such telling story of Grace from the husband of a lady, whose life was wracked by a condition known as osteomalacia:



From God's Perspective, Impossibility is Impossible

“Aaspathrulu, doctorlu, mandulu… emi akkara ledu” (Hospitals, doctors’ medicines… no need for any of them). “Oka naadu, nenu, tak tak tak! Anni sari chesthanu.” (One day, tak, tak, tak. Like that, I shall set right everything!)

Baba told me thus, snapping his fingers to produce the sound, tak… tak… tak, when He spoke. I was overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness; for, just imagine what He was promising to set right: My wife was suffering since three years from acute osteomalacia, with pathological fractures of the pelvic bones. The doctors were sure about that; many experts had examined her with great care. They had told me that prolonged stay in bed and persistent treatment might be able to give some relief.

  The Love of Sri Sathya Sai    
"I shall set right everything!"

I was also informed that the condition was due to the absorption of the osseous substance of the bones, which causes, as in my wife’s case, softening and rarefaction, followed by spontaneous fracture. She was emaciated and exhausted, the pelvic bones were affected much; she had become extremely weak.

Her spine was hurting a lot and the doctors said, she will be bed-ridden for years and her limbs will become shortened and useless. Opiates and drugs to dull the pain were the only medicine that could be given, besides various costly experimental palliatives.

What a terrible life for a poor middle class family with five children and the breadwinner holding a Government job, requiring frequent long journeys! I was hit very hard by the calamity. No one held out the slightest hope. Baba was my refuge, some good friend said. I came to Puttaparthi, I was called by Baba and this was what He said, “One day, tak, tak, tak….I shall set right everthing!” Now, you know why I was so full of joy and thankfulness.

Well, I returned home to Besagarahalli, in Mandya District (in the South Indian State of Karnataka). Three months passed and there was no improvement in her physical condition. In fact, she became worse; my faith in Baba began to waver. My home was a cell of pain and grief. Without regular food and sleep, racked by pain and worry, my wife became a shadow of her former self. Baba’s words were her only solace. She and I held on to them, in spite of the despair.

I awoke one morning rather early, because I had to leave for a distant village on Government work. And I found the lamp burning in our kitchen. Surprised, I called out, “Who is there?” It was my wife who replied. Yes! She had lit the fire and… would you believe it? She was preparing coffee for me!

She said, she had a dream; or, was it a dream? Baba had come to her bedside and ordered her to get up, come down from the cot and do Namaskaram to Him! And, she had obeyed! While she was at His Feet, Baba with many a consoling word, patted gently on the diseased joints… she could hear the sound the bones made inside her… Tak,Tak,Tak! She had become quite right. “Anni sari Chesthanu - I will make everything alright”, He had said. He had kept His Word! When she looked up, after a while, with tears of gratitude in her eyes, the Lord had disappeared. She amazed all of us, and of course the doctors. And from that very day she had started her daily routine of work, as if nothing at all had happened to her.

He declared, “During my five years stay abroad, I could not see a single case of osteomalacia cured, among the several which I treated. It is beyond the ken of a human physician. God has blessed you!”

Nothing is impossible for Baba. What He says, happens!

The bone specialist who had studied the X-ray photographs of my wife was informed of this miraculous overnight cure. He declared, “During my five years stay abroad, I could not see a single case of osteomalacia cured, among the several which I treated. It is beyond the ken of a human physician. God has blessed you!” Nothing is impossible for Baba. What He says, happens!

~ From Heart2Heart Archives, Aug 1, 2004 issue


Pain and suffering seem to be the recurrent theme in all instances of spiritual renewal; for, those who mourn, earn themselves the right to God’s direct intervention. And how numerous are these instances when we have seen Sai’s compassion flow out so spontaneously. Only last month, Bhagavan assured the thousands of people whose lives had been marooned by the ravaging floods in Orissa, (East India), that He would rebuild their homes and schools in concrete.

And today (and for the past few years) lakhs of neglected and suffering people are drinking pure uncontaminated water due to Bhagavan’s free drinking water projects. His free Hospital care accessible to the poorest of the poor is famous the world over for alleviating the suffering of millions over the last few decades, and Bhagavan’s free educational services have provided thousands of children with resplendent characters, world-class education and assured prospects in life. One can go on and on with the tale of the Lord’s infinite compassion; for every grain of sand that is apparent, there is a mountain that is hidden.

[To read moving stories of patients treated in Baba’s Hospitals, please visit our archives here. And to access stories of Sai Seva which is incessant in all corners of the globe, go here.]

End of Part 2

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- Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 6 Issue 12 - DECEMBER 2008
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